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25% of Businesses Say They Can’t Raise Finance But Have Never Tried

Brendan Mann

It is believed that over 400,000 businesses in the UK are currently looking for a financial injection. Many business owners believe that traditional lenders are making it harder for small businesses to gain access to finance. When surveyed over 60% of businesses said they had given up after contacting only two major high street lenders.Surprisingly 25% of businesses said it was impossible to raise finance. The same 25% of businesses also said they had never tried.

It is clear there is a black hole when it comes to lending and small businesses. There is an increasing number of financial opportunities available to small businesses. Unfortunately, they appear reluctant to explore them.

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Businesses need to consider the options available to them. The first thing they need to do is compare the financial market. If a business owner literally walks around from lender to lender, they will quickly become disillusioned and frustrated. Businesses need to compare the market and see the best options available to them. A number of free services exist to aid businesses in this matter.

Business owners also need to step outside of traditional lending. This is not a suggestion they should seek out a shady back street finance company or start loading credit cards with debt. The suggestion is quite the opposite. The lending sector has already reacted to the needs of businesses. As a result, a number of alternative finance options exist.

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