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4 Tips for faster business internet

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4 Tips for faster business internet

When it comes to browsing the web the most frustrating thing for most of us is buffering! But there are a few things you can do to make your business internet browsing faster so we thought it would be helpful to jot them down.

1. Use a fast browser – This may be an obvious one for most but you would be surprised at how many people still operate a business using Internet explorer! For those that don’t know what the big differences is the informative picture below should help! The fastest browser is probably Chrome but all the main ones are an upgrade compared to internet explorer.

2. Clear your history – Not just a good idea to help prevent the boss catching you on Facebook, this also will help your browser run quicker

3. Increase your cache limit – This is slightly more technical than the others but not hard to do once you know how (I googled it) and can really make a difference to your browsing speeds. Its usually in your settings menu on your browser

4. Tabs not windows – If you need a few sites open at once just do it over a few tabs on the same window rather than have a lot of windows open. There’s technical explanations but didn’t your mum teach you not to leave all the windows open?

If its still slow after that you probably need to upgrade your connection to give you better bandwidth – remember broadband is a shared service so it might be advertised that you get 70Mb but in actual fact you could only be getting 10. So do a speed check and then get a quote with us!

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