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45% Energy Savings Find Out How This Bristol Business Woman Discovered Secret Tax Breaks With Green Energy Plan

Brendan Mann

The environment is no laughing matter. Saving money on Business energy costs is no laughing matter. That is why this article is deadly serious.

“My business energy costs had gone through the roof. I think they were in orbit. It is unbelievable how much energy costs have gone up in the last few years”. Explained Rachael Turner.

“I understand the environment is important. I constantly recycle. I also consider the environmental implications of every purchase I make. I was delighted when I discovered Government guidelines that reward business owners in reducing emissions and energy consumption”.

Rachael decided to create a new “green” business plan. Having looked at every aspect of her business. She started with her suppliers and decided her restaurant would only use locally sourced seasonal vegetables. Rachael went to visit a local farm and set up agreements meaning she would not use important meats.

“I changed everything about the business. We even wash our pots and clean the kitchen with chemical free products. I have purchased bikes for employees so they can ride to work each day”.

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Rachael then discovered the UK’s leading business cost comparison website. She quickly got to work. She compiled a list of all of her utility providers and calculated her monthly expenditure.

“I was amazed at how much I was wasting each month. I was on the wrong energy plan for almost everything. I used the business cost comparison website to find new suppliers and set up monthly agreements where I could create some real saving”.

Rachael even found an energy supplier who shared her vision for a solar powered restaurant. Meaning she could create an agreement to have solar panels fitted to the roof of the restaurant.

“The savings are amazing. My green plan has been a real success. I have achieved over 45% in savings across my entire business. I am also enjoying some real tax incentives as a totally green business. I could not be happier.”

Rachael’s story is one of success, vision, and savings. It is amazing how one business cost comparison website and a clear business vision. Can generate some real savings and give a small business a real boost.

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