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5 Signs You Need A New Business Broadband

Brendan Mann

In the ever-demanding digital world. It is vital for a business to be online 24/7. With the UK being seen as a fiber driven digital economy. Businesses are now seeing dozens of tempting offers and discounted deals for fiber-optic business broadband. Does your business need fiber-optic internet? Will your business see any befits from a new ultra-fast business broadband connection? You need to look for the 5 signs you need a new business broadband connection.

How Many Employees Do You Have?

The number of employees a business has. Will have dramatic implications on a business broadband connection. If you have scaled down the number of employees you have since your business broadband was installed. You could be overpaying for your service. If the number of employees you have has increased. You need to consider if your current service has enough bandwidth to cope with those extra bodies.

Many businesses find themselves over speculating when they move into new premises. The size of internet connection you estimated when you moved into your offices. COuld be very different from your current requirements. Not having the correct business broadband package could be costing you time or money. It is important to check your existing broadband package against the number of employees you have.


When Did You Test Your Network Speed Last?

Checking employee numbers against the amount of bandwidth your business broadband receives is all well and good. But, when was the last time you checked your networks speed. It is one thing knowing you have a slow internet connection. But how slow is it? You can easily check your broadband speed by using a free speed checker. www.speedtest.net will tell you how fast or slow your business broadband is.

When you know our current network speed. You can look at the available speeds in your area from other suppliers. You can also instantly compare prices and get free advice about the best business broadband for your business. Compare your business costs today and start saving tomorrow.

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Is The Interference Too Much?

When I use the word interference I refer to the type of interference that can come down your phone line and disrupt your business broadband connection. The interference caused by a constancy ringing phone  I can do nothing about.

If the copper phone line into your business is old. You could be experiencing interference on the phone line. This is a low-level noise on the phone line. Will affect your broadband connection. The interference will disrupt the connection causing drop out. As well as reducing your network speeds.

Fiber-Optic Business Broadband does not suffer from the problem of interference. A fiber broadband line. Has only one job, and that job is delivering superfast business broadband. If you think you are suffering from interference on the lines. The best thing you can do is compare your business broadband costs.  This way you can instantly see the best available fiber-optic business broadband deals.

Are you Migrating To The Cloud?

With the cost of cloud computing providing a more cost-effective and reliable solution. Many businesses are looking to adopt a cloud computing strategy. The first thing to consider before looking at cloud storage. Is the speed of your business broadband connection. If your internet is slow and unreliable. You will need to look at alternative business broadband services before you commit all of your data to the big hard drive in the sky. Cloud computing is all about speed. The last thing you want is a slow broadband connection getting in the way.


How Secure Is Your Network?

If you business handles sensitive data or customer payment details. Network security will be a major issue. A business can take all of the network security measures it likes. But a standard broadband connection that uses a phone line, will always be vulnerable. With a standard business broadband connection. A criminal with the correct tools and motivation. Will usually find a vulnerability in your network. Fiber-Optic Business Broadband is different. If your business goes fiber-optic, your data will be more secure. Fiber-optic broadband does not have the same security vulnerabilities a standard phone line has.

If you need free advice on how you can make your network more secure and increase your business broadband speeds.  Compare your business costs today and speak to one of our experts.

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