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5 Things to consider when moving office

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5 Things to consider when moving office

Moving Office can seem like a daunting task especially if you are completely changing areas. Luckily we have some handy tips to consider if you haven’t already.

1. Location, Location, Location! OK so this one is probably a no-brainer but it is worth mentioning, if you don’t have clients coming to your business then could you look into some alternatives that may be more cost effective?

2. Public Transport – On average about 1/3 of employees don’t drive so for some it can be quite important that there are good public transport links when moving office.

3. Crime Rates in the area – Naturally we all want to feel safe when at work but also when travelling to and from the office so we would always recommend to do the research on the area first.

4. Food Glorious Food – One of the worst places I have ever worked was in the middle of an industrial estate with no local shops or food places nearby, the office didn’t have a canteen so if you ever forgot lunch the option was a 30 Min walk to the nearest shop or a 15 minute drive to town…. both options took up your entire lunch break! This tip may be a personal one but I wouldn’t wish no lunch on my worst enemy!

5. Size – Think about your future plans for growth, how long will your current space last? Its important not to get caught out or stuck in a tiny office for too long. You can consider shorter term leases or getting a bigger office depending on your budget.

Why not run a comparison for office space today? If you are moving office we would love to help so visit our Office Rent page today!

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