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5 Great Tips for Reducing your Business Energy Costs

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5 Great Tips for Reducing your Business Energy Costs

Business Energy bills can burn a hole in your pocket! So we have come up with 5 super-savvy business energy saving tips for you:

1.Turn off all computers and machines when not in use – OK We know it sounds simple and is often common practice for many businesses but even having the screen saver on can cost hundreds so switch on by switching off!

2.Turn the lights off- If you do this and commit to it you can save up to 15% on your energy bills! So make sure your staff are all aware – also helps for meeting rooms, kitchen etc when not in use.

3. Switch heating off or down – Turning your heating down by just 1 Degree can give you a 10% saving on your energy costs.

4.Pay attention to how much water you use – A key culprit for water waste in the office is the kettle, appreciated for its help in making us our caffeine fixes you don’t often think about how much energy is wasted by boiling more water than needed but believe us it can add up!

5. Regularly defrost Fridge Freezer – This can help you remember to clear out unused food but it also improves the life and efficiency of your fridge freezer which can save hundreds per year on your bills.

Keep an eye on our future blogs for more money saving tips and head on over to our energy page to find out how much you can save on your business energy!

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