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Abolished Roaming Charges for Business Mobiles in the EU: The Good & The Bad

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Abolished Roaming Charges for Business Mobiles in the EU: The Good & The Bad

There’s good news for businesses! The European Parliament has recently announced that roaming charges across the European Union will be abolished from 15 June 2017. This means you’ll be able to use your business mobiles while visit EU countries in exactly the same way you would in the UK – without the additional charges. However, while this will obviously have a positive impact, there’s a downside, too.

The Good News

Abolishing roaming charges for business mobiles used within the EU is going to have a significant impact upon the way we operate and conduct business – and it’s all going to be for the better. Without the worry of additional costs or any limitations that have been imposed in terms of roaming, companies should find it easier to conduct business from anywhere, at any time. Here’s a few advantages:

  • Communication boost as employees will be able to call or text from EU-based client sites.
  • Better knowledge transfer as employees will be able to relay information from foreign events.
  • Improved productivity as employees can conduct business even when they’re on-the-move.
  • Reduced business outgoings as calls, texts, and internet use will be covered by existing plan.

The Bad News

Unfortunately, when there’s good news, there’s often bad news, too. Once business mobile providers are no longer able to charge roaming fees within the EU, we need to consider how they’re going to make up for these lost profits. Lisa Unden-Farboud, of research company Gartner, says that “providers will seek ways to make additional revenue streams” from their existing clients in the future.

What does this mean? It means that businesses need to start being vigilant when it comes to their business mobile contracts. Unden-Farboud anticipates that providers may start cutting services while retaining rates, or start adding additional, typically low value services which means providers can reasonably up their rates and convince businesses to tie themselves into longer mobile contracts.

Being Prepared

It’s important for all businesses who use business mobiles, or who are considering entering into a business mobile contract in the future, to be aware of the potential changes ahead, and what it can mean for the company in terms of service and cost. It’s recommended that businesses compare business mobile rates online to ensure they’re on the best package for their needs, at the best prices.

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