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If you are looking to reduce your business costs with the helping hand of a company whose ethics are all about giving back then you have come to the right place! We’re a new school business, with a good helping of old school values and a dash of common sense. We know any successful company should always be focused on keeping overheads as low as possible and doing so as quickly and efficiently as they can.It didn’t make sense to us that businesses needed to hold multiple meetings, waste precious time and then be hounded by hungry sales people just to obtain a few quotes. We found when comparing usual business costs, employees and business owners had to search high and low to make their own like-for-like cost comparisons and we felt that was ancient and due for a change of process.

… So CompareYourBusinessCosts.com was born!

A fully transparent, honest website, comparing a full range of business costs, which allows each and every staff member the ability to compare current and new services, knowing that they are also helping us change the world for the better.

So whether you want to switch providers, save money or just have a look at prices feel free to utilise our instant quotes for a range of services and get involved with our movement on social media.

Our Values

We are all about giving back – don’t get us wrong we are a business and need to make a living ourselves but we are crazy enough to think we can make a real difference in the world.

Business is all about partnerships so we want our customers to partner with us to help make a difference and spread positivity. So we have three main campaigns in which you can get involved in:

  • #CYBCSmile – This is about us giving to you and society with the intention of creating at least one smile a day. It involves random prizes like iPad’s, days out, lottery tickets, food, drink, pampering, as well as uplifting notes and surprises.
  • #CYBCChallenge – This is about inspiring you to do a good deed or help someone else. Whether that’s buying someone a cup of tea or doing some charity work we don’t care! As long as your intentions are to help someone else and you let us know by joining in the social media movement. You can then challenge your friends or family and before you know it we will have made the world a slightly better place, and best of all you don’t have to freeze yourself with ice water and you see first-hand the difference you can make.
  • #CYBCVIP – This is for the crème de la crème of our communities – the selfless heroes who make differences in others’ lives on a daily basis. We take nominations for the most deserving people to win a VIP day out or prize and tailor it entirely to their tastes.

We know it’s a long shot and some cynics might not like change but imagine if everyone done one good deed a day how much better the world would be and how much better that would make you feel. Remember:

The ones who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are usually the ones that do” – Steve Jobs.