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Advantages of Colocation for Businesses

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Advantages of Colocation for Businesses

The amount of data we create, use, store, and access for business purposes is increasing at an almost unprecedented rate, and for many businesses it’s proving to be quite the challenge to keep up with demand. Hosted data centres have become a hot topic for this exact reason, but it’s widely acknowledged that data centres aren’t for everyone. Many businesses want to maintain a higher degree of control over their important data, which is why colocation is fast becoming a suitable alternative.

Colocation offers similar advantages to hosted data centres, including safe and secure off-site hosting for business data, but there is one significant difference. While hosted data centres are managed externally, colocation offers businesses the opportunity to simply rent a space within the data centre, with all servers managed by the business itself. Colocation is somewhat of a happy medium been on-site hosting and hosted data centres, offering businesses more flexibility in how they manage their information.

Here are just some of the benefits of colocation services for businesses:

  • Convenience - Colocation offers safe and secure storage of essential data without the need for time-consuming and costly on-site equipment, such as cooling units, to create an optimal environment for server operation. The data centre is equipped with everything you need to run your servers effectively and efficiently, and access your data whenever you need to.
  • Cost Saving - Colocation not only reduces the need for costly on-site equipment for server operation, but can also help you to minimise your human resources costs. Businesses who compare colocation services online may find it quicker and easier to identify local colocation services that tick all the boxes, and provide the most attractive data centre rental rates.
  • Productivity - Colocation reduces the need for a full time dedicated team for server operation, which can help to free up your internal resources for more productive, profit-making tasks. IT professionals may be able to be reallocated to direct client work, providing your clients with an IT contact and ensuring that any IT-related issues clients may have are dealt with efficiently.
  • Control - Colocation offers greater control over the way your data is managed than a hosted data centre, which can help to ease concerns regarding off-site hosting. With colocation, your businesses remains fully in charge of how your data is stored, handled, and accessed, with businesses able to physically attend to servers in the data centre, or access data via the cloud.

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