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Become A YouTube Star today Get Rapid Broadband 40 Times Faster Than Your Previous Supplie

Brendan Mann

A man recently got so tired of a slow business broadband supplier. He decided to take matters into his own hands. Now he is a viral internet sensation. Tony Tucker from Bristol who is a local celebrity for being able to eat crisps underwater. Is now a YouTube sensation after giving up on slow business broadband and taking matters into his own hands.

Tony Tucker explains. “I have a client based twenty miles away. Some days it would take me hours to send a simple email. I often joked with him about how I could walk to his office quicker than our business broadband supplier could deliver his email.”


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Then one winter day Tony walked to the printer. After several hours fixing a paper jam. He printed his email and set off walking. He walked the twenty miles to his customer’s office and gave his message in person. His message read. “LoL very funny.” In response to a joke, his customer had sent about his football team losing the night before.

“When I returned to the office my boss asked where I had been. I explained the situation to him.” My boss decided to look at a business cost comparison website. Where he was able to compare business broadband suppliers. He discovered a number of business broadband deals that not only increased speeds. But also saved him money.”

Tony explained to me about how impressed he was with his boss. “He involved me in deciding what company we should use. Our network is now 75% faster. We have never been so productive. Revenue is up, stress is down and the entire workforce is happy.” After my little walk, people keep patting me on the back and saying well done Tony. It’s fantastic.”

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