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Bonded Business Broadband (Bonded ADSL 2+).

Bonded Business Broadband is a way of adding more broadband lines to increase your speed and help stabilise your connection. You may hear IT colleagues refer to broadband as ADSL or ADSL 2+ which stands for Asymmetrical Digital Subscriber Line. ADSL is your standard broadband line and ADSL 2+ is the faster version which also allows you to bond the lines, meaning you can double the speeds of your internet. You can even bond more than one so you can double the doubled line!The reason many businesses need ADSL 2+ and bonded ADSL 2+ is because one line is simply not quick enough for them or they may have started losing revenue due to downtime. If your business currently runs on a standard ADSL or single ADSL 2+ Broadband connection it may be worth considering bonded ADSL 2+, especially if you find at peak times your connection runs slow or you have difficulty uploading files.

Bonded ADSL 2+ is often a way for businesses to keep costs low while improving their connection. All providers we compare for business broadband can offer bonded ADSL 2+ lines. So if you are looking to compare bonded ADSL 2+ lines simply run a quote for standard business broadband and then follow the link through and contact the provider to explain your requirements and how many lines you would like bonded. Easy as that you would then get your quote.

Naturally the more lines you have the higher the cost will be, so if you are running on more than 3 or 4 bonded lines and the costs are reaching more than £300 the likelihood is you need to have dedicated symmetrical internet. This comes in a few different forms but main ones you might want to consider are fibre leased lines and EFM’s if available.