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Business Broadband Gives Office Worker 100 Days Of Life

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Cable Versus Fiber-Optic What Is Best For Your Business?

The internet connection you choose for your business. Can have a large effect on productivity, profit, and employee morale. A slow internet connection can cost hundreds of days in wasted time. The frustration of a slow connection can also affect employee morale. Often businesses owners learn to accept the limitations of a slow business broadband connection. With a rapidly expanding fiber-optic network and increased performance.  It is time for business owners to decide how fast they need their internet connection to be.

If a slow internet connection can affect productivity. Overpaying for bandwidth you do not use. Can have an effect on overall profits  It is estimated that over 70% of small businesses are on the wrong business broadband plan. While some of us don’t have enough speed. There are businesses overpaying for speed and storage they will never use.

Cable Versus Fiber Optic Reliability

Cable internet is regarded as being reliable. A cable internet connection will run on an existing phone line. If the phone line into your business is old or your business is a considerable distance from the exchange. Your internet connection will run slower. The age of phone lines and distance from the exchange is a common cause of slow broadband. This is not a problem with fiber-optic business broadband. Where ever your business is located you will always get “ultra-fast” speeds with a fiber-optic business broadband connection.

If you are looking for reliability. Then fiber-optic is the best solution. If your business relies on internet that is fast and reliable. Then fiber-optic business broadband is your best choice. Standard broadband internet has improved vastly over the past few years. The best way to start assessing the quality of your business broadband service. Is to test your current internet speed. You can check your internet speed at Once you have checked your current speed it is time to compare business broadband supplier. You will find many options for faster and possibly cheaper business broadband than you currently have.


Fiber-Optic Internet works in a different way to standard broadband. Fiber-Optic requires a dedicated network of fiber optic cables. A large amount of the UK is already covered by the fiber-optic network. In 2020 it is expected that over 95% of homes and businesses in the UK will have access to fiber-optic internet. For businesses, faster internet means better productivity and customer satisfaction. In the past business owners needed to make certain compromises when it came to internet speeds. Now business owners only need to decide, how fast they want their business broadband to be.

A fiber-optic network is able to deliver larger amounts of digital information across greater distances at a much faster speed. It is important to see if your area is covered by a fiber-optic network. You can do this by comparing your business broadband costs. This will let you see if your area is covered by fiber-=optic business broadband. You will also see the best broadband deals available in your area.


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Cable Versus Fiber Optic Speed

The need for speed continues to grow. More and more business application are dependant on a fast uninterrupted broadband service. Fiber-Optic Business Broadband is exactly this. “Ultra=fast” and reliable. With fiber-optic the days of slow internet speeds and overloaded connection. Will become a thing of the past. If you are looking for speed and reliability. Fiber-Optic Business Broadband wins every time.

Cable Versus Fiber Optic Cost

Fiber-optic business broadband is more expensive than a standard broadband connection. The additional costs need to be balanced against losses experienced from a slow and unreliable internet connection. If your office is an internet hungry place, where speed, and efficiency out-weigh cost. It is time to consider a fiber-optic business broadband connection. You will find many business deals and discounts if you bundle your telephone and internet services together. To get the best business broadband deals. Speak to the experts today and compare your business costs. Today is always a good day to start saving.


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