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Business Broadband: More Choice Than Ever Before

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Business Broadband: More Choice Than Ever Before

Lately, it seems that there’s been a run of bad news for business broadband customers. Whether it’s rising costs, or rumours of the ‘last 5 percent’ – the parts of the country that may never have access to fibre optic broadband – the industry has been a little ‘doom and gloom’ recently. But not any more! There’s finally some good news for companies interested in a business broadband upgrade: there’s now more choice than ever before when it comes to ultrafast business broadband – a product that is widely being hailed as one of the key contributing factors to essential business growth and development.

Until now, business broadband customers have been somewhat limited in their options if they wanted to upgrade from superfast business broadband – speeds of between 25mb and 80mb depending on distance from the cabinet – to ultrafast business broadband, which can offer speeds of up to 300mb. Virgin Media and BT have been the only ‘mainstream’ providers of ultrafast business broadband in the past, but that’s about to change with the introduction of TalkTalk’s new FTTP network being rolled out.

Two York-based businesses are reported to be trialling TalkTalk’s new fibre-to-the-property network – a figure that’s expected to grow to around 100 by the end of the year, with full roll out to businesses within the next year. The FTTP network, which removes the common speed issues found with FTTC (fibre-to-the-cabinet) networks, promises speeds of up to 1000mb. Broadband speed – and reliability of speed – is becoming increasingly important for small businesses. Here are just a few of the advantages:

  • Fast download times (1000mb = 30 seconds to download a 3gb HD video)
  • Fast upload times for sharing internally or externally
  • Fully supports voIP systems – an integral part of modern working techniques
  • Quick and easy access to cloud-based storage
  • Enables quick loading of rich media – a vital aspect of digital marketing

Comparing Your Options

TalkTalk’s venture into the ultrafast business broadband world is widely anticipated to be the beginning of things to come. As providers continue to compete by offering the fastest business broadband, many more are expected to begin expanding their services. Businesses can keep up-to-date on which providers are offering which services through compareyourbusinesscosts. Our handy online price comparison tool provides everything you need to make an informed decision. From different providers to different speeds, and from different prices to different packages – we’ve got all the vital information you need to find a business broadband package that suits you, and for a price that makes you smile!

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