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Compare Cheap Business Broadband

Nearly all businesses now require broadband in their day to day operations. Its an essential part of modern day life & enables businesses to communicate quickly & reach much larger audiences than would have been possible before the internet. Comparing business broadband quotes will mean you get the best price possible.

What is a Business Broadband?

Business broadband is very similar to the broadband you have at home – except most business broadband providers offer a slightly lower contention ratio which means the line should be more stable. It’s the cheapest and most readily available internet connection on the market, however can be unstable & slow in some locations or at peak times when there’s lots of other users on the line.

What type of Business Broadband is there?

There are 3 main types of broadband available for businesses

  • ADSL/ADSL2+ - This is your standard copper line broadband connections. It’s the cheapest available but can be unreliable and slow speeds. The further you are from the exchange the worse your speeds get.
  • Wireless Broadband – Wireless uses microwave technology to send data. Its usually used by businesses in remote locations who can’t get copper or fibre broadband.
  • Fibre Broadband – The fastest broadband if available at your location. Fibre uses ethernet so sends data at the speed of light which makes higher speeds much more achievable.

How much does Business Broadband cost?

The cost of business broadband depends on 2 key factors -

  • The type of broadband you want
  • Where you are based

The other thing to factor in is if the speed will be enough for you. Many businesses will opt to have 2 or more broadband lines to achieve a better speed so that can also increase the price. To get an accurate quote for your business just fill out the above form.

Business Broadband Providers

There are lots of business broadband providers in the UK & we compare them for you to get you the best possible business broadband quote. To get a quote simply fill out the above form.