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Are Business Broadband Rates Too High?

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For new start-ups and emerging SMEs who often find themselves working to tight budgets, the rising cost of business broadband can have a significant – and very detrimental – effect on business finances. However, there’s good news on the horizon as earlier this month Ofcom announced plans to cap inflation for business internet users, enabling independent businesses, government organisations, and those within the public sector to have access to high speed internet in a more cost effective manner. It is believed that small businesses, schools, and libraries may benefit the most from the proposed changes, although domestic broadband users may still enjoy lower rates.

The proposed changes come as Ofcom addresses BT’s ‘significant market power’, dominating the business internet sector and leaving other business internet service providers struggling to maintain their place in the industry. However, BT’s dominance isn’t the only reason for the announced changes. It’s reported that one third of broadband users who contact their business internet service provider do so to make a complaint. Whether that complaint is about pricing plans, speeds, or anything else, a trend we’re definitely seeing emerging in the UK is that users are, on the whole, unhappy with their broadband. Capping inflation for business internet users is viewed by many as being the first initial step towards transforming the perception of internet services across the country.

If Ofcom’s proposals are approved, it could see prices for internet for business drop significantly. The changes that have been suggested are rate amendments of between consumer price inflation (CPI) minus 6.25 percent, and CPI minus 17.75 percent, depending on the exact service, with high speed services expected to see the most significant changes. What does this mean for businesses? Essentially, it means that the price of business internet could be reduced, with more top deals becoming available from major business internet service suppliers such as BT.

How To Find Great Business Broadband Deals?

Businesses are being advised to be prepared for these price changes to take effect by using online price comparison tools to compare prices of business internet from the main providers. By using the easy-to-use price comparison tool by Compare Your Business Costs, businesses can stay ahead of the game and be prepared to grab the latest deal once Ofcom’s changes have been implemented.

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What Business Broadband Speed Do You Need?

What Business Broadband Speed Do You Need - Business Fibre Broadband

With terms such as ‘superfast’ and ‘fibre’ being thrown around, many SMEs are showing a preference for business internet packages with the highest speeds – but is this always the best option? For some businesses, particularly those that aren’t in the digital sector, focusing on speed may not be particularly cost effective, and you could be paying out for a business internet service that you don’t really need.

It’s not just about cost, either. SMEs are looking for high speed internet for business to enable them to use rich media to create powerful digital ads – something that could be alienating the audience. It’s reported that one quarter of UK households don’t receive the fast speeds promised by their providers, leaving them unable to view many rich media advertisements, and indicating that, for many businesses, speed isn’t everything. So what business broadband speed is best for your business?

Download Speeds

The download speed is the speed with which you’re able to download files from the internet to your computer. Many business internet services in the UK offer a range of speeds to meet all needs.

  • 17Mbps

If you’re a new start-up, and budget is a more important factor than speed, then a 17Mbps package is one of the most cost effective options. While you may find it difficult to receive particularly large files, it’s ideal for general web browsing and receiving email – exactly what you need to get your new business off the ground.

  • 38Mbps

Ideal for smaller businesses who are not in the digital sector, mid-level download speeds offer faster browsing and more efficient email downloads. Load times should be significantly faster at 38Mbps, enabling you to operate effectively on a day-to-day basis and grow and develop your business easily online.

  • 76Mbps

If you’re an emerging SME, larger corporation, or are in the digital sector, faster speeds are recommended. At 76Mbps, businesses can successfully use cloud-based storage, and these speeds can also adequately support VPN services, enabling quick and cost effective communications both internally and externally.

Finding The Best Business Internet Service For Your Business

It’s important to remember that different business internet providers offer different download and upload speeds, in different packages and at different prices. It’s recommended that businesses of all sizes compare business broadband plans and costs to find the best speeds and the best deals. Use our business broadband comparison service to find your ideal business internet solution.

It Has Never Been Easier to Switch your Business Broadband

If you think it’s confusing, time consuming, and overall a bit of a hassle to switch your business broadband provider, you’re not alone. In fact, not having the time or the energy to identify new business broadband deals, cancel an existing service, and sign up for a new offer is often cited as one of the most common reasons that SMEs pay above and beyond what they really need to. The good news is that new regulations that came into play in June 2015 have made it easier than ever before to switch suppliers if you’re unhappy with your business internet service, helping to save you money, which is why many people now do a business broadband comparison when looking for their ideal package.

Ofcom have responded to a number of complaints that changing supplier is too complex by introducing a new protocol for switches between wholesale suppliers associated with the same parent company, so you’d see the benefits if changing from a Sky deal to a TalkTalk deal, for example. The concept is simple – instead of the business being responsible for the changeover, all the details are handled by the supplier, so it’s really become a one-touch process, more or less.

Internet for business is an essential tool for growth and development, which is why it’s vital that you’re completely happy – both in terms of the service you’re provided with, and with the price you’re paying. It is hoped that the new regulations ‘will encourage more people to take advantage of very strong competition in the landline and broadband markets’, according to Ofcom’s CEO Sharon White.

Why Switch?

There are a number of reasons why you may wish to consider changing your business internet provider, including:

  • Monthly Fee

With a sharp increase in suppliers providing superfast internet, the market is currently very competitive. Are you really paying the best price for your speed and data?

  • New Deals

Many suppliers offer excellent business broadband deals for new customers for a limited time. Switching enables you to take advantage of the very best deals available.

  • Changing Needs

A business internet package isn’t designed to last forever. If your broadband needs have evolved as your business has grown, it might be time to switch.

Switching Made Simple

Thanks to these new regulations, the technical aspect of switching your business internet supplier is now easier than before, but what about choosing a provider? Online business broadband comparison tools that allow you to quickly and easily compare business broadband rates make it simple and straightforward to identify the best suppliers for your needs. is committed to helping SMEs locate the most attractive and cost effective deals that facilitate business growth and development.

Why More Businesses are Choosing Fibre?

Major business broadband supplier BT have announced that more businesses made the switch to fibre internet between July and September 2014 than ever before, suggesting that some companies are becoming more aware of the benefits of fast internet for business. According to their quarterly report, there are now 3.3 million households and businesses in the UK with a BT fibre connection. Shockingly, however, this represents only 16 percent of premises that have access to fibre. Why?

A big problem we’re continuing to see is that many SMEs are still unaware of initiatives in place to support their growth and development. According to a report by AXA, around 25 percent of SMEs don’t fully understand plans to roll out fibre internet, or the benefits that superfast business internet could bring to their company. So just why are those businesses who are ‘in the know’ opting for fibre broadband deals, and how are they using superfast business internet to their advantage?

The Advantages of Fast Internet for Business

If you’re wondering if your business really needs fibre broadband, here’s what you need to consider:

  • Digital Media

Does your company rely upon digital media for success – a marketing firm or design agency, for example? If you plan to use rich media to demonstrate your abilities or impress your clients, you need to ensure you have a connection that won’t let you down.

  • Cloud Computing

Does your company utilise cloud storage, either for internal files or for client collaboration? If you regularly deal with the transfer of large files, you’ll want to make sure your business internet service is up to the task – 17Mb just isn’t going to cut it!

  • Improved Communications

More businesses are looking into voIP services and video conferencing to improve both internal and external communications. Whether it’s chatting with a client or an employee working from an alternative location, speed is everything.

Many businesses are deterred from looking into fast internet for business due to the associated costs, don’t there’s no need to worry. By comparing business broadband deals online, you can quickly and easily find a package that not only meets your speed requirements, but your budget, too. uses the latest rate information supplied by major UK suppliers to find the most attractive, cost effective deals for small companies looking to improve their reputation, their customer service, and their profits through superfast internet for business.

What are the Best Business Broadband Deals?

Ofcom reports that around 15 percent of all small to medium sized enterprises (SMEs) feel that the communications market is failing to meet their growing and evolving needs, particularly when it comes to broadband speeds, availability, and overall quality of service. If you’re unhappy with your existing broadband service, and are looking for the best business broadband deals that will combine your specific requirements with an attractive rate, here’s everything you need to know:

What to Look for in a Business Broadband Deal?

If you want to ensure you get the best business broadband deal for your company’s needs and requirements, there are a few aspects to take into consideration when comparing options:

  • Combination Packages

If you require business phones as well as broadband, consider a ‘combo package’. Many providers have combined some of their most popular products, and are able to offer more attractive rates to businesses who take more than one service.

  • Contract Length

Longer contracts can sometimes be risky, but if your business is already well established, you are familiar with your company’s needs, and know how these needs tend to evolve, a longer contract – 24 months rather than 12, for example -could bring savings.

  • Upload and Download Speeds

The right speed is important for businesses, but what speed do you really need? Paying for fibre if cloud computing or voIP isn’t a primary concern for your business could mean you’re paying more than you really need to. 17Mb can be great!

  • Free Added Extras

Many providers can offer a few little added extras that make their business broadband deals much more attractive to small businesses. Things to look out for include wireless routers, discounts, free installation, and ‘first month free’ arrangements.

How to Get the Best Business Broadband Deal? Do a Business Broadband Comparison

For businesses that are busy working to promote and advertise their expanding brand, the good news is that finding the best business broadband deals doesn’t need to be difficult or time consuming. By comparing business broadband deals online, it’s quick and easy to identify the providers that can offer the most suitable service to meet your needs, and at the most attractive prices. is commited to helping small businesses locate the best deals, ensuring they stay within budget while having everything they need to grow and develop. So use our free online tool today to do your business broadband comparison and see how much you can save.

What to Look for When Choosing Internet for Business?

Internet for business can be a very tricky and complex area. The primary issue is that different SMEs have very different needs and requirements which can make it challenging to say with any certainty what the ‘best internet for business’ really is. What’s right for one small business may not be right for the next. Unfortunately, when it comes to internet for business, there’s no ‘one size fits all’.

It’s important for small businesses to take some time to discuss and record their needs, and what they expect from their business internet service. Are superfast speeds a deciding factor? Is comprehensive support more of a focus, or perhaps usage limits? What a business should be looking for depends upon their industry and sector, as well as the size and age of the company. New businesses, for example, may initially require little more than a reliable connection for email communications, while a large, established technology company may have greater needs to facilitate flexible working.

Here are just a few of the aspects to take into consideration when choosing internet for business or running a business broadband comparison:

  • Reviews & Reputation

A report by the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) suggests that a whopping 94 percent of small business owners cite a reliable internet connection as one of the most critical factors determining overall success. It’s worthwhile undertaking a bit of research on a few providers to ensure availability and access is adequate in your region

  • Suitable Speeds

Believe it or not, the FSB reports that as many as 45,000 businesses in the UK are still working with dial up speeds, which could be hampering business growth. Businesses should be aiming for at least 10Mbps for emails, online communications, and small downloads, while 50+Mbps is more suitable for cloud communicating and voIP services.

  • Adequate Usage Limits

If you take a look at what usage limits major providers impose on their internet for business, you’ll see limits ranging from 1GB to around 40GB – and then there are those that offer unlimited, unrestricted usage. What do you need? At 1GB, you should be able to view around 10,000 web pages per month, compared to about 315,000 pages at 40GB.

  • Support

If you’re looking at internet for business, you may find that some providers offer support during business hours only. While this can help to keep rates to a minimum, consider whether you or your employees may regularly be working during evenings or weekends. Look for flexibility in support and assistance if you’re striving to be a flexible business.

Finding the Right Business Internet Service

Whether you need superfast fibre speeds or simply need to check a few emails, or whether you need unlimited downloads or a smaller usage limit, there is one thing that all small businesses have in common – you can find the best deals by comparing internet for business online. The easy-to-use online business broadband comparison tool by allows you to quickly view what each provider is offering, helping you to match your needs to the very best business broadband deals.