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Business Consultant Describes Slow Broadband Speeds As an Epidemic

Brendan Mann

I speak to businesses every day and find that most people have two default points of conversation that allow them the opportunity to have a little moan and release some frustration. The number one topic is obviously the weather. However, it is topic number two that I find concerning. The topic concerned is slow broadband speeds. I have listened to many complaints and many funny stories regarding solutions for slow broadband speeds. But I do find one thing concerning, unlike the weather. We can all take action to increase the speed of our broadband networks and increase productivity.

Before I begin looking at solutions and alternatives. I feel it is important to make the following statement. The UK’s digital infrastructure is not good enough. I recently toured South East Asia and one thing I noticed besides the crippling heat was the speed of internet access. In countries such as Thailand and Vietnam, I was shocked if I witnessed speeds under 20meg. In Vietnam, a large proportion of the country is covered by a lightning-quick fiber-optic network with some of the fastest speeds I have experienced. Even a rural shop I visited that was little more than bamboo and corrugated iron. Had internet speeds much faster than many UK based businesses.

Unfortunately, complaining about slow broadband speeds has become as much of an English past time as complaining about the weather. I have spoken to business owners who would rather save important documents to a USB drive and wait until they get home before uploading them. When I ask these same business managers why they don’t take proactive action. I am faced with the same replies. Switching suppliers is difficult or expensive and will the switch really make a difference?

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Telecommunications providers are aware of the problems. They are working to upgrade an archaic infrastructure to deliver greater speeds. Many companies are now providing specialized and dedicated infrastructures specifically for businesses. And a number of services exist that allow businesses to compare alternative suppliers and make the switch as quickly and as painlessly as possible.

When I explain the two most important points businesses need to consider when looking at business broadband. I find business owners to more open to the idea of considering their options. When I explain that updating the entire UK telecommunications infrastructure could be achieved in one hit. But the consequences would involve them spending their entire life sat in a traffic jam due to the crippling amount of roadworks they would encounter. I find business owners to be more understanding of the problems faced by broadband suppliers.

When I explain that a dedicated business focused switch website had been established. With the specific purpose of giving businesses access to cheaper and faster broadband. With the assurance of a fast a non-intrusive transition. I find the desire to review existing broadband providers to be greater. With many business owners wanting to move from complaining about slow broadband speeds. To take a proactive approach and doing something about it.

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