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Business Electricity: Tips on switching suppliers.

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Business Electricity: Tips on switching suppliers.

Many commercial energy consumers will have experienced being part of an automatic roll-over contract and not realised how much their business electricity costs have risen over the years. In a recent survey an estimated 70% of business electricity consumers don’t understand their bill or pricing. Understandably pressure has been put on business electricity suppliers to ensure contracts and pricing are made more transparent to the consumers and easier for businesses to monitor their energy use.
Understanding your business electricity bill is vital in keeping your overheads down and knowing when to move onto a better supplier, which if you didn’t know you can do on our site! Get your Instant Online Quote Here.
We have some top tips for when you decide it’s the right time to make a move:

1. First things first – Ensure you follow the correct procedure for terminating the contract with your current business electricity supplier. We know this sounds like an obvious one but some cancellation fees can be as much as 6 months estimated energy use! Sometimes it’s better to wait until your next renewal date to avoid a big penalty fee.

2. Be Prepared – When getting quotes its helpful to have all your business information (address etc), the reference number for all meter points, an estimate of your annual use, your energy use patterns and a recent bill.

3. Make sure you can leave – Energy suppliers can refuse to let you switch your business electricity and the reasons can vary with each provider so its worth checking out your existing suppliers policy. The main reasons they will refuse to let you switch is you are still under contract, you owe them money or you are not authorised to change, although this is usually when you pay for energy as part of your rental agreement.

4. Shop Around – Using our easy online tool you can compare a wide range of business electricity suppliers and save yourself money on your energy costs.
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