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Business Energy Considerations over the Festive Period

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Business Energy Considerations over the Festive Period

Many of us know the most common and effective ways to save business energy – turning computers off a night, ensuring lights don’t get left on, and so on – but things tend to be a little different over the Christmas period, when staff levels typically diminish rapidly as employees take time off with their families, and if your business remains shut between Christmas and New Year, there could be a week long period when there’s no one at the premises at all. So how can you save energy at this time?

Here’s some handy tips to reduce your business energy expenditure & costs over the festive period:

  • Turn off Nonessential Equipment

    While we all try to turn off our equipment when we pack up for the evening, let’s be honest here – it doesn’t always happen. And it’s not always practical, either. IT companies, for example, may need to run tests overnight. However, if your office is closed for the holidays, and if the equipment will not be utilised for a number of days (or even weeks!), it’s vital for your business energy consumption that all nonessential equipment is turned off during this period.

  • Lower the Thermostat

    Once your employees have gone home for the Christmas period, there’s no need to be keeping your office toasty warm – it’s just a waste of business energy. Instead, turn your thermostat down a little – even just one or two degrees will make a big difference. It’s important that the office does remain heated during the festive period, not only to prevent frost buildup and frozen pipes, but also to ensure a comfortable environment for any staff who need to make a visit.

  • Work Responsibly

    If your office is looking a bit empty in the run up to Christmas as employees take time off for Christmas shopping, or travel to visit family, then think about some ways that you can continue to work responsibly. Flexible working schemes can be beneficial here. Enable your staff to move to alternative desks so that only one part of the office needs to be heated to a comfortable temperature, or encourage staff to work from home, assuming this doesn’t affect productivity.

  • Cater to Staff in Alternative Ways

    If your office will remain open during the festive period, you may be operating with just a few members of staff who keep things ticking over. If this is the case, consider catering to them in alternative ways which could help to reduce business energy consumption and costs. If you have a hot drinks vending machine, for example, turn this off but provide a kettle instead, which uses much less energy. It’s a great way to cut costs at this time, while retaining a happy environment.

  • Analyse Your Business Energy Contract

    If business energy costs are a primary concern this Christmas, then now is a good time to delve into your contract to ensure you’re getting the best deal. It only takes a few minutes to pop over to and browse tailored quotes from a wide range of UK suppliers, helping you to determine whether you could save money by switching your supplier. Switching business energy suppliers is quick and simple, and could be the answer you’re looking for.

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