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Business Energy Costs Set to Rise in Hospitality Sector?

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Business Energy Costs Set to Rise in Hospitality Sector?

Under changes proposed in the recent budget announcement, there could be big developments on the way for those within the hospitality sectors, particularly for owners of pubs and restaurants in the UK. Changes to tax means that business energy costs for pubs and restaurants could rise dramatically – an issue that the British Beer & Pub Association is prepared to fight. The Pub Industry Energy Symposium, held earlier this month, aimed to help protect business owners from these cost increases, but all owners of hospitality-related companies should be prepared to start minimising their energy usage in a bid to lower their business energy costs should the government decide to move forward with their plans.

So just what are the best ways to cut down on energy usage, and minimise business energy costs?

    Consider Supplier

  • While it may be easy to simply continue renewing a contract with the same supplier, this may not be giving you the best deal. It’s worth comparing business energy costs and rates offered by a number of different suppliers in the UK to ensure you’re getting the most for your money, and a service that suits.
  • Hidden Refurbs

  • While your primary focus may be on front-of-house maintenance, don’t forget to undertake any necessary refurbishments to staff-only areas, too. For example, think about replacing older, inefficient lighting located behind-the-scenes to newer LED lighting, similar to what you may have in the bar.
  • Encourage Staff

  • To see a drop in your business energy costs, you need to have your staff on board. Pop into the kitchen after service to see what’s been left on unnecessarily, such as an extractor fan, for example. Just as office workers should be turning off photocopiers, kitchen workers should be turning off their equipment, too.
  • Rethink Menus

  • If you’re serious about minimising business energy costs, then now might be a good time to scrutinise your menus. Are any dishes being overcooked and wasted? Are you successfully using a set of ‘core’ ingredients across the board? Not only can this help reduce costs, but it’s a great way to ‘go green’, too.

    Changes to taxation for pubs and restaurants is expected to come into force in 2019, giving business owners a few years to start making changes to the way they work and providing a good opportunity to begin analysing information and, hopefully, reducing business energy costs in the long term.