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Business Energy: It’s Not JUST About Price

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Business Energy: It’s Not JUST About Price

Businesses all across the UK are continually being urged to shop around and compare a wide range of providers before committing to any form of big contract – especially in terms of broadband, mobile, and business energy. However, the importance of comparison may actually be much greater than you think.

Comparison websites such as are now hugely popular, and if you ask anyone what the benefit of using online comparison tools was, the likely answer would be price. Shopping around does indeed make it easier for companies to find the best deals for business energy and other overheads, but price is, in fact, just one of the reasons to use a comparison website.

This is especially true for business energy. ‘A range of choice comes into play when shopping around for energy. Customers can consider fuel type, cheaper tariffs and good service when choosing their supplier’, says Lawrence Slade of Energy UK. Gillian Guy of Citizen’s Advice also believes comparison is vital for reasons other than price. Businesses ‘need the whole picture on energy suppliers, so they can choose who to buy their energy from on the basis of what is most important to them whether that’s price or service’. These remarks follow media outrage of a ‘customer service lottery’ across Britain.

Recent reports show that some business energy suppliers have racked up more than 20 times the number of complaints of other providers, causing havoc for companies. SSE, for example, is ranked one of the best for customer service, with 47 complaints per 100,000 customers between April and June this year, while Scottish Power has ranked one of the worst, with a whopping 944 complaints per 100,000.

Poor customer service is detrimental to business. Companies that enter into contracts with business energy providers who are notoriously unable to quickly and easily identify and resolve issues may:

  • be paying for a service that is not being provided eg. intermittent or unreliable heating
  • be wasting time attempting to resolve the problem, seeing a reduction in office productivity
  • be spending extra to ensure health and safety of employees eg. purchasing fan heaters

The good news is that comparison websites like are helping businesses all across the country to see the bigger picture. Using online comparison tools isn’t just a quick and easy way to look at prices – it’s also a way for businesses to familiarise themselves with suitable providers, enabling them to research any aspects that are important to them, such as customer service.

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