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Business Internet – what’s the difference?

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Business internet prices can be higher than your standard home broadband which many people don’t understand because they feel it’s the same product. As much as we love taking money from the rich and giving back to the average Joe on this subject we do understand the differences and feel for the most part they are justified so would love to help anyone else get to grips with this confusing market.
Business Internet comes in all shapes and sizes so it’s important to know the differences which help you understand the price variants. In these examples we will be referring to dedicated business internet, although you can get good quality business internet in broadband etc if you know what to look for this should help with that too.
1. Contention Ratio – One of the key factors that effects the price of business internet is how many other users you share with, also referred to as the contention ratio. Your typical broadband provider for residential users will give you contention ratios between 30:1 and 60:1, which means you are sharing with that amount of other users. So if they advertise you are going to receive 60Mb and you are sharing with 30 other users you may only get 2Mb. If you put this into business internet terms it can cause serious problems and a very erratic connection. Naturally Businesses are reliant on having a stable internet connection so although business internet can be more expensive you will receive a 1:1 contention ratio meaning you are guaranteed a stable connection with the amount of bandwidth you are paying for
2. The Support – I don’t know who you have your internet with at home but if it’s the same as me (one of the big boys) you may have experience in trying to deal with their customer services, usually with little empathy or understanding to the issue you are raising. My poor mum had to go without broadband for 2 weeks and ended up having two engineers visit (who both told her the same thing) and wasting a total of more than 6 hours on the phone! Needless to say it was stressful and took the ISP over two weeks to fix the issue, which was effecting the whole street! Business internet support however is like VIP in comparison most will come with 24/7 proactive network monitoring meaning the resolve the fault before it happens – like magic! They also usually have 24/7 technical support just a phone call away and all sorts of tools to help you monitor your use or plan for the future.
3. Guarantees – The majority of business internet solutions will come with all kinds of guarantees but the main ones that really excite IT managers are the SLA and Fix Time. SLA stands for service level agreement and is a percentage of time your network will be “up”. The closer it is to 100% the better but the part that makes them really put their “money where their mouth is,” is the fact that most will start giving you money back if it falls under that percentage! The fix time does what it says on the tin and it is something you can only usually get from specific business internet providers a good provider should have a fix time lower than 5 hours so keep your eye out for that

You can find out more about the types of business internet available by clicking here . If you think it’s time to make the jump onto a better business internet connection then feel free to get some quotes today.

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