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Business Mobile Customers Demanding More Flexibility

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Business Mobile Customers Demanding More Flexibility

With traditional working patterns giving way to more informal working environments, more and more businesses are demanding flexibility when it comes to their business mobile contracts. Small to medium sized enterprises (SMEs) are leading the way when it comes to flexible working, with many seeing benefits including greater productivity and a reduction in outgoings.

Networks such as O2 are beginning to see how they can adapt their business mobile contracts to become a more attractive option for SMEs. The operator states that it has ‘transformed its business with flexible working solutions’ in a bid to help SMEs ‘reduce cost, improve productivity and retain top talent’.

Advantages of Flexibility
To demonstrate how flexible business mobile contracts can benefit a business, O2 used themselves as a case study, asking their employees to work from home for one day per week. The company found that, over the course of a year, they saved £7000 per desk, and saw a £600,000 reduction in travel costs thanks to virtual meetings successfully held over mobile devices.

Flexible business mobile contracts differ from traditional contracts in that there’s less of a focus on exact needs – texts, minutes, or data, for example – and a greater priority is instead placed on customisation. While tariffs vary between networks, the overall concept of a flexible contract is that businesses can use their business mobiles however they want, wherever they want, and wherever they want. Ultimately, what we’re seeing is the mobile industry transforming to ensure businesses aren’t penalised for using their business mobiles out of the office, abroad, or during peak hours.

What Flexible Business Mobile Contracts are Available?
O2 have been instrumental in leading the way for small businesses and creating flexible plans that meet the needs of growing and developing SMEs. The network’s business plans can be customised based on individual requirements, with ‘bolt-ons’ that can be added to any existing plan so whether you need more minutes, more texts, or more data, businesses can tailor their plan however they want.

Along with O2, many network operators are offering flexible business mobile contracts to their business customers, helping to facilitate flexible working policies across the country. EE’s Business Connect Plan, for example, allows businesses to customise the plan for each individual user – extra minutes for sales teams, for example, or international roaming data for marketing teams attending exhibitions around the world.

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