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Business Mobiles: Is the Blackberry Really Dead?

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Business Mobiles: Is the Blackberry Really Dead?

You may have heard that the Blackberry is dead. Is this really true? Well, if you look at the statistics, that certainly seems to be the case. While the figures for 2012 show that the Blackberry was only just behind iOS in terms of UK market share, things are a little different today. The latest stats from July 2015 indicate that Blackberry now holds just 1 percent of the market, with Android, iOS, and even Windows Phone proving to be the much bigger players in the mobile industry. So is it true what they’re saying? Is the Blackberry really dead, or could it still be one of the best business mobiles?

For non-business customers, the Blackberry isn’t the automatic go-to choice, and rightly so. The main issue with Blackberry is that it doesn’t offer what the average user wants. Today, we don’t want phones to make calls or send messages, as strange as that sounds. We want to browse the web, we want to play games, we want GPS and satellite navigation, and we want to make purchases. Even Blackberry’s biggest fan Kim Kardashian has been spotted out with a Samsung recently! However, what makes Blackberry unsuitable for non-business customers is exactly what makes them shine and stand out from the crowd for those looking for comprehensive, easy-to-use business mobiles.

Despite the pressure, Blackberry has never given up on what it believes in – communication. Blackberry has always made calls, SMS, and messaging its main focus, providing modern businesses with everything they need to improve their internal and external communication methods. Here are just a few of Blackberry’s stand out features that continue to be loved by businesses:

  • QWERTY keyboards for quick, error-free emailing, texting, and instant messaging.
  • Square displays that make it simpler to view documents such as spreadsheets.
  • Secure servers that help to keep confidential company data safe at all times.
  • Smaller screens – like the Blackberry Classic 3.5 inch display – which extends battery life.

In terms of business mobiles, Blackberry are continuing to launch new products that are heads and shoulders above the rest. And while the company as a whole have been showing some signs of struggling, it is anticipated that Blackberry will make a rather impressive comeback over the next few years. We’ve already seen how Blackberry are beginning to combine their business features with trending aspects within the industry to create business mobiles that offer the best of both worlds. The new Blackberry Leap, for example, is taller and wider than the older Blackberry Passport, fitting in with the latest trend for larger business mobiles. There are also rumours of an Android-powered business mobile coming shortly which if true, would revolutionise the business mobile world.

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