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Why Compare Business Mobiles?


According to the latest research, up to 85 percent of businesses are on the wrong tariff or contract for their business mobiles, with some overspending by hundreds of pounds each and every year. The reason is simple – businesses aren’t taking full advantage of the money-saving tools available to them that would allow them to easily access the best business mobile phone deals for their needs.

Comparing Business Mobile Contracts

Around half of all consumers use price comparison websites (PCW) to find the best deals, but the concept of PCW is something that is largely overlooked in the commercial sector. However, comparing business mobile phones can have many advantages for businesses, helping to save them time and money and ensuring they’re on the best mobile contract for their requirements.

  • Identify Plans

Most businesses are aware of the main business mobile providers in the UK, but relatively few have knowledge of the different plans available to them. Through comparing business mobile phone deals, businesses can identify these different tariffs to make an informed decision. Networks are constantly reviewing their tariffs for business customers in line with the latest trends – as more and more websites are being optimised for mobile, for example, there’s a big trend for unlimited data – and are introducing new contracts regularly.

  • Compare Prices

Shopping around has long been thought of as one of the best ways to grab a bargain, but for businesses this can be a very time consuming process that affects productivity and, ultimately, profitability. By using an online price comparison service for business mobile contracts, businesses can instantly see a full rundown of tariff costs by provider without the hassle. Having a clear set of figures enables businesses to contemplate the different features and pricing of each contract, ensuring they get the best business mobiles for their budget.

  • Save Money

As a nation, we’re falling out of love with third party suppliers as it becomes more and more apparent that the ‘middle man’ isn’t helping us – it’s actually costing us more money. In 2014, high street mobile phone retailer Phones4U went into administration, showing a growing trend amongst both personal and business mobile users for buying direct. Comparing business mobile phones to find the best deal allows businesses to enter into a suitable contract directly with the network, cutting out the expensive ‘middle man’ fees completely.

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A Guide to Business Mobiles for Small Businesses


Choosing business mobiles can seem confusing, especially for small and medium sized businesses (SMEs), but by identifying company needs it can actually be very quick and easy to find the best business mobile phone deals for you. While each company is different, and will have varying requirements, there are a few standard considerations that every SME should take into account when looking for business mobile contracts. Here are some essential aspects to look for when choosing mobiles for a small business.

  • Short Business Mobile Contracts

Short contracts are especially beneficial for new start-ups that anticipate significant growth and development within a relatively small period. Unlike larger, more established businesses, start-ups may find that their business mobile needs change drastically as the company expands. Many networks offer 30 day rolling contracts that don’t tie you in long term and can be cancelled with just one month’s notice, allowing small businesses to change their business mobile contracts as required.

  • Business Mobile Phone Deals

For small businesses, sticking to budgets is an essential aspect of growth, so getting the best business mobile phone deals is vital. To save time and money, small businesses are advised to make use of price comparison websites that allow them to effortlessly compare direct deals from the networks themselves, with no ‘middle man’ fees. As a nation, we’re consistently overspending on mobile phone contracts, which is something that can be addressed through better price comparison.

  • Usage Flexibility

There’s a lot riding on the shoulders of small businesses today as they’re regularly cited as ‘driving significant culture change in work’. Small businesses have been shown to offer some of the most flexible working environments for their employees, including home working, hot seats, and flexible hours. SMEs should be looking for flexible business mobile contracts that allow them to change how, when, where, and why they use their business mobiles without being restricted or penalised.

  • Business Plans

Comparing business mobiles isn’t just about cost, it’s about having an opportunity to contemplate the different features of business mobile contracts to find the best fit for your business. Many networks offer features that could prove to be advantageous for SMEs, including free colleague-to-colleague calls. Consider your main business need – if you regularly attend meetings or conferences abroad, for example, looking for a contract with favourable international roaming fees.

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