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Business mobiles Vs Personal mobiles

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Business mobiles Vs Personal mobiles

Many new business owners and employees are failing to realise the benefits of having business mobiles for work purposes.

The majority of people think by using their personal mobile for work use that at the end of the month the company will pay out for the bill, little do they know that they will be paying national insurance and tax- as the phone bill will show this as expenses and will be deemed a taxable benefit. This is where business mobiles come in handy.

Business mobiles gives you and your employees the benefits of not having to pay for national insurance, VAT and tax- which will be saving you and your company money in the long run.

Business mobiles also offers new features such as directing a call to your mobile, answering services, virtual reception facilities and they are of course, very easily accessible.

With business mobiles you will likely get the accessibility of transferring large data files and emails back and forth to the company server- but if you were to use your personal mobile for this, within your own data allowance, it could be very expensive.

Allowing your employees to do everything they need to do out of office hours and knowing they won’t have to pay the extra amount on their personal mobiles will give your employees the extra boost to carry on working- knowing that they can communicate easily via the benefit of a business mobile calls, text or via emails on the internet.

If you are a business owner or an employee and you are unsure of the benefits of having business mobiles then run a comparison through our business mobiles tool today and talk to one of our helpful providers.

Business mobiles will save you money, save your company money and allow you and your employees to work more efficiently.

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