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Business Satellite Internet Gaining More Support

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Business Satellite Internet Gaining More Support

If your business is located in one of the country’s more rural or remote areas, you may have already been looking into business satellite internet. Business satellite internet is viewed by many in the UK’s ‘notspots’ as being a suitable alternative to fibre broadband and superfast internet. It works by broadcasting ‘uplinks’ via satellite antennas, offering rural businesses faster, more reliable internet.

However, reception of business satellite internet hasn’t always been particularly good. SpaceX were one of the first to propose the concept of transmitting near-to-fibre speeds, but the project proved difficult to get off the ground. The company themselves even admitted that there’s ‘not a lot of effort going into it’, which lead many of us to wonder whether satellite internet would really ‘take off’, so to speak.

The good news – especially for those businesses in areas which do not currently have access to superfast internet or fibre broadband – is that business satellite internet looks to be back in business. In fact, two major global companies have recently announced plans to focus upon business satellite internet within the next few years, offering reliable, constant internet connections even to those in very remote areas.

  • Samsung Satellite Internet

Samsung’s ‘Research America’ President Farooq Khan has recently announced plans for a 4600 satellite network which is anticipated to trump the 648 satellites of Richard Branson’s OneWeb. The satellites are expected to transmit reliable LTE, 3G and WiFi signals all around the world.

  • Facebook Satellite Internet

Similarly, Facebook Founder Mark Zuckerberg has announced that the social media giant will be partnering with Eutelsat, a French internet provider, to offer satellite internet services from as early as 2016. ‘We’re going to keep working to connect the entire world’, says Zuckerberg.

Despite a rough start, what we’re beginning to see is business satellite internet receiving more and more backing from some of the world’s biggest and most powerful companies. This signals good news for businesses that don’t currently have access to fibre or superfast broadband, or who operate from more remote or rural locations that are not expected to have access to fast broadband in the near future.

If your business is struggling with slow broadband speeds, it’s time to start looking into simple yet effective solutions. As we all know, broadband is essential for growing businesses, and speed plays a significant role in maintaining high levels of productivity and customer satisfaction. To find out more about business satellite services in your area, complete the online form here at today!

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