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The introduction of new technologies has been hugely beneficial for businesses, but it also means a whole host of new responsibilities, too. Customers are no longer satisfied with the basics, and to ensure you’re running a successful and reputable business it’s essential that you utilise a wide range of business services to meet the growing and evolving demands on your clients. But what are ‘business services’?Types of Business Services


Business services are essentially any sort of product or service that helps you to work more efficiently and, ultimately, positively affects your clients. These could be products or services that help to boost your communications with your customers, that help to streamline your internal processes to improve productivity, or that help you to provide more accurate and relevant information to your clients.


Some of the most popular business services include:


  • Franking Machines

Franking machines make it more cost effective for businesses to communicate with customers, suppliers, or investors. With multiple options included as standard, such as brand logo printing or promotional printing, they’re also a very underrated method for boosting brand awareness!


  • Photocopiers

Like franking machines, photocopiers play a significant role in boosting communications – both internal between colleagues and external between the business and its customers. They are also essential for creating cost effective, branded documentation for investment opportunities.


  • Merchant Accounts

Merchant accounts enable businesses to accept payments for goods or services via credit card. This can be done either in person, over the telephone, or online through an ecommerce store. At a time when card payments are the preferred method, merchant accounts are vital.


  • Vehicle Tracking

GPS vehicle tracking helps businesses to monitor fuel and other costs associated with fleet management. This can significantly reduce costs and increase fleet efficiency. Tracking devices are able to monitor everything from speeds and locations to accidents and engine status.


  • Accountants

For small businesses especially, using the services of a dedicated accountant can free up internal resources for greater productivity. Accountants can also provide any necessary financial advice relevant to the business, such as where financial resources would make the biggest impact.


  • EPOS

EPOS systems can be described as the ‘modern day till’. They’re designed to streamline internal operations, making it easier to manage the behind-the-scenes aspect of your business. They are most commonly used within retail and hospitality settings such as stores and restaurants.


Introducing the Right Business Services to Your Company


Different industries and sectors will, of course, benefit from different business services. At, we’ll help you find the best business services for you, at the best rate, from the best providers. By using our easy-to-use online comparison tool, you’ll find a wide range of franking machines, EPOS systems, photocopiers, and more, to help you grow and develop your business.