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Business Solar Panels Playing Important Role in Future Hospitality Growth

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Business Solar Panels Playing Important Role in Future Hospitality Growth

According to recent reports, business solar panels could hold the key to future hospitality success, as more and more Brits are becoming aware of their carbon footprint while travelling and are actively seeking out ways to minimise their impact upon the environment. One of the ways that travellers are doing this is by choosing to stay in hotels that are able to demonstrate eco-friendly practices.

It is reported that around 50 percent of British travellers now count the type of energy a hotel uses amongst some of the most important factors when deciding where to stay during their summer holiday. Furthermore, around 20 percent of those questioned claim that they would only stay in environmentally-friendly hotels and would be willing to look for alternative accommodation should the hotel of their choice not make use of available forms of sustainable energy, such as business solar panels.

Here are a few ways that businesses within the hospitality sector can make changes to become more environmentally-friendly, helping to boost their reputation amongst their customers and clients:

  • Making use of business solar panels as a primary form of energy within the venue
  • Reusing towels and bedding throughout a guest’s stay as standard unless otherwise requested
  • Installing auto-lighting systems to ensure lights are turned off when not in use

The hospitality sector is one such industry that’s come under fire recently, and there has been a definite focus on energy usage within this area over the past few years. Guests are now demanding more from their stay, including high speed internet, which means that many hotels are having to use more energy than normal to meet growing demands. Hotels and other businesses within the hospitality sector are therefore having to compensate for this rise in energy usage by adopting new technologies to not only minimise costs but also to reduce their environmental impact, such as installing business solar panels.

An estimated one third of all Brits believe that, rather than hotels being categorised merely with the AA or National Tourist Board stars, they should also be rated based on their commitment to the environment, highlighting just how important business solar panels are to the future of hospitality. Businesses within the hospitality sector, including hotels, spas, and leisure centres, are being urged to consider making small changes to ensure they are continuing to do their part for the environment.

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