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Business Spends £11,000 on Slow Broadband

Brendan Mann
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The 2016 SME telecommunications report issued by OFCON shows that small businesses spend an average of £11,323 on telecommunications services, including business broadband. The number one area businesses believed services could be improved was broadband speeds. With over half of the businesses surveyed stating they had never changed or reviewed their current service from its time of installation. 34% of businesses surveyed said problems with a broadband supplier would have a negative impact on their businesses.

What are the simple things business owners can do to improve their broadband network?

Speak to an existing supplier about a better deal

With over half of the businesses surveyed for the latest OFCOM report claiming they have never changed or reviewed their current broadband agreement. It is not a big surprise to discover that many businesses are not getting the most from their broadband supplier.

The most simple place to start is with an existing supplier. It is a good idea to ask if your current supplier has a better deal for your business. This can often lead to finding a cheaper deal or discovering a package that is more suitable for your business. Many suppliers now offer affordable fiber optic internet. A service that would not have been available or seen as too expensive several years ago.

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Don’t overstay your current contract.

If your contract has expired speak to your current supplier and see if they have a more attractive deal for you. At the same time compare other suppliers and services. Business broadband is a highly competitive industry. Where it pays to shop around. If your current supplier can’t give you what you are looking for. Use a specialist business cost comparison website to find the best deals available for your business.

Question the need for speed.

Fiber optic internet is much faster than standard ADSL internet. But is this a business necessity? How important is lightning fast internet for your business? Is speed going to increase productivity and profits? If the answer is yes, look at fiber optic packages.

It is also important to understand how much your business has grown since you took out your original agreement. If the size of your workforce has doubled since you took out your broadband agreement. You have possibly found the answer for your slow network speeds.

Make the switch fast and painless

Why spend your time contacting every supplier in the market and sifting through pages of sales literature. Use a specialist business costs comparison website and instantly analyse suppliers and available offers. Utilising such a service will save you a great deal of time and money. While instantly connecting you with the best offers available.

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