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Understanding Business Broadband Speeds

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Understanding Business Broadband Speeds

According to Ofcom, 83 percent of companies in the UK cite business broadband as an essential business function, and yet a study by TechWeek Europe has found that two fifths of SMEs claim not to know what their current broadband speed is! When it comes to business broadband, we know we want ‘fast’, but what is ‘fast’, what speeds do we really need, how do we get those speeds, and how much does it cost?

What is Speed?

If you compare business broadband packages online, you’ll find that different providers advertise different speeds. The speeds you’ll see advertised are the download speeds, and will determine how fast you can download information from the web to your computer, such as downloading files, documents, pictures, video, and so on. What isn’t always quite as obvious is the upload speeds. Upload speeds are generally a little slower than download speeds because they’re not quite as essential. They are, however, very important. Upload speeds are required for cloud storage, for example, and for voice and video conferencing. It’s always worth taking into account both upload and download speeds.

What Speed do I Need?

Most major UK providers of business broadband will usually offer packages with download speeds ranging from around 17 Mbps to 76 Mbps, and upload speeds ranging from 1 Mbps to around about 19 or 20 Mbps. The speed your business requires will largely depend upon what you use your business broadband for. For simply boosting your communications with customers through email, 17 Mbps should provide a fast enough connection to send and receive emails quickly and easily. However, for businesses that rely more heavily upon a connection for day-to-day operations, a faster speed that facilitates cloud computing, voIP, video conferencing, and so on, will be much more effective.

Speed Issues

Unfortunately, one of the biggest issues with business broadband today is that advertised speeds simply mean ‘up to’, and are not always indicative of the actual speeds received. In fact, Ofcom reports that around 20 percent of small businesses aren’t receiving the business broadband speeds they expected. So what’s the solution? Many businesses that require a constant, reliable speed are now turning to leased lines. With a leased line, the advertised speed is the speed you receive – no more, no less.

Cost Considerations

Having a business broadband connection that meets your company’s needs should be a right – not a luxury – and that’s why price comparison websites such as compareyourbusinesscosts.com are dedicated to minimising the cost of essential business functions such as fast, reliable broadband. Whether you’re  looking to upgrade your existing business broadband package, or install a leased line, having a connection that works for you may not be as costly as you may think. Contact us for a quote today.

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