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Capped or Unlimited Business Broadband – What’s Best?

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Capped or Unlimited Business Broadband-What’s Best?

As a start-up business or emerging SME, it can sometimes be difficult to know what business broadband plan would benefit your company. Many business internet service providers are heavily marketing their unlimited plans, but could capped internet be better for your business?

Capped Business Broadband

Capped business broadband is typically a cheaper option for businesses than unlimited plans, and can be an ideal solution for start-ups and SMEs where budget is a primary concern. Business internet service providers usually provide a number of different plans with different usage rates, often between 10 GB and 50 GB per month. For businesses with only small online needs, these plans can work out very well. What’s great about capped business broadband is that many providers will not limit your service if you exceed your monthly usage quota – instead, you’ll be able to continue using the service as normal so that business operations are uninterrupted, and will instead be charged for the additional data you’ve used. If you find that you’re consistently going above your limit, it may be best to consider upgrading to an unlimited package which could work out more cost effective.

Unlimited Internet for Business

If you’re a larger corporation, or if your specific business sector means that you’ll typically demonstrate high data usage, then unlimited plans can often be the more cost effective solution. Many business internet service providers offer completely unlimited plans that provide high speed uploads and downloads without limitations, according to fair usage policies. If you’re unsure if you need unlimited usage or not, consider the day-to-day online activities than your business carries out. One hour of video streaming, for example, uses 429 MB on average, according to BT, while viewing a photo uses just 5 MB. Also consider your users, and devices. If you have a large workforce accessing the web via multiple devices including smartphones and tablets, your usage requirements will typically be much higher and an unlimited plan could work out to be the best option for you.

Does ‘Unlimited’ Always Mean Unlimited?

Some business internet service providers have come under fire in recent years for claiming to offer unlimited business broadband, but actually applying limits to data usage. Sometimes, unlimited doesn’t always mean unlimited – but that’s not necessarily a bad thing for business customers! Some providers offer an ‘unlimited’ business internet plan that provides unlimited usage during typical business hours – usually between 8am – 6pm Monday to Friday – and caps usage outside of these times. The advantage for businesses is that they still have access to the internet outside of business hours, but are not paying for an unlimited plan at these times when they probably do not require it. For SMEs sticking to a tight budget but also wanting flexibility that allows them to grow and develop, these not-quite-unlimited plans can prove to be the perfect compromise between service and cost.

Finding the Best Business Internet Plan for Your Business

Whether you’ve decided that capped or unlimited business internet will be the best choice for your business, the best way to find an attractive deal is to compare prices. By comparing business broadband online, you’ll be able to instantly identify the most suitable business internet service providers for you, and locate the best price plans being offered to business customers. Try the online comparison tool at Compare Your Business Costs and see what sort of deal you can find.

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