What is the Best Business Mobile Network?

Mobile network operator EE took home one of the most coveted prizes at the recent Mobile Industry Awards, beating the likes of Orange, Three, and O2 to be crowned the Best Business Network for 2015. This marks the third time EE have been acknowledged for their business mobiles by Mobile Today, so just what is it about the network that makes them stand out amongst the competition? Are they really the best network for business mobile phones?
EE’s Business Mobile Phones

The Mobile Industry Awards panel commended EE for their all-round services, providing suitable business mobile contracts for both small businesses and corporate organisations. However, what really stood out to the panel was the network’s dedication to giving business customer what they wanted. Back in 2012, when 4G was first introduced, a study by the Chartered Institute of Accountants found that a whopping 93 percent of businesses wanted access to 4G as soon as it was available, and EE listened. Today, ‘Superfast 4GEE’ is available on all small business plans, offering many benefits for businesses including quick download times, rapid uploads, and video conference-enabling speeds.
What do Other Networks Have to Offer?
O2 had been shortlisted for the Best Business Network category at the 2015 Mobile Industry Awards, narrowly missing out on receiving the award for their business mobile contracts. If O2 had beaten EE to the prize, it is expected that the panel would have picked up on the network’s business mobile phone deals that allow users to add ‘bolt-ons’ to customise their contract to meet their needs. With flexibility being cited as one of the key aspects businesses should look for in a business mobile contract, O2’s range of added extras can help streamline both internal and external communications while also keeping costs to a minimum. From extra data to international calling, O2’s business services are designed to grow with small businesses, adapting as the business develops.
What Network Should I Pick?
Choosing a network for your business mobile phones can seem overwhelming, but by comparing operators with an easy-to-use price comparison service, it’s simple to see which networks offer the features you’re looking for, and for a price that’s within your budget. While EE and O2 have both made headlines recently due to the Mobile Industry Awards, there are many other operators out there who offer cost effective plans for businesses, including Orange, Three, and Vodafone.

Business Mobiles

Business Mobiles can be handy for any innovative and forward thinking business. With the vast amount of technology now available on business mobiles it can help your employees work from anywhere. A key benefit of using business mobiles is the accessibility it gives your clients, customers and colleagues.

Business mobiles are also a great help in utilising time that would otherwise be wasted. For example if you have an account manager who has to catch a train to see a client, they might spend an hour or two travelling there and back which previously would have been spent staring out of a train window. However if they have a business mobile the possibilities are endless. A few examples of things you can do from pretty much anywhere now with a business mobile are:

  • • Using a CRM system
  • • Checking and responding to e-mails
  • • Making calls
  • • Researching prospects
  • • Networking

The other benefit of business mobiles is one many companies are not aware of. The tax free benefits! Since 1999 business mobiles have become one of the most popular tax free benefits employers can provide for their employees. However for the benefit to be considered HMRC do have a few conditions in place, which are:

  • • The contract for the phone must be in the name of employer and not the employees
  • • The phone must be provided by the employer so that the handset belongs to them
  • • The employee can only benefit from this exemption for one mobile phone

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