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CCTV Footage Shows Finance Director Run Around Like A Chicken. They Don’t Teach It In Business School. But It Worked.

Brendan Mann

“I could not believe it. I was sent over the edge. For years I had been taking from Peter and giving to Paul. I had done more cooking than Gordon Ramsey with those books.” These are the words of Terry Smith. A mild-mannered Finance Director who was pushed to the edge.

“It was never ending, every month we would have a meeting that lasted for days. The Managing Director installed sleeping pods in the boardroom. It was crazy, I was looking for ways to pay the workforce and he was installing sleeping pods. So we could have longer meetings about how little money we had.”

Perhaps it was the stress. Perhaps it was the 18 cups of coffee that sent Terry over the edge. But one day Terry flipped. “All I remember is looking at the Managing Director and seeing black. The next thing I knew I was in a padded cell, wearing a straight jacket. I am just happy nobody was injured.”

Thanks to recently released CCTV footage I can now reveal exactly what Terry did. Terry jumped on the boardroom table and starting to scream and remove all of his clothes. Fortunately, he did not remove his novelty Christmas boxer shorts. The date of this incident was 6th June 2017. Terry began to run around in circles clucking and flapping his arms like a chicken. Before running out of the door and heading for the nearest KFC.

This incident could have been avoided if Terry had been introduced to business finance companies. With interested rates and payment terms suitable to his needs. He could have created a cash flow system that would have worked for his business. As for his Managing Director and his excessive spending on sleeping pods. There was nothing Terry could do.


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I spoke to Terry yesterday he is now back at work and working with a business finance specialist to plan a business finance package. “After the police caught me in KFC I was taken to a mental health unit. I am so thankful for the employees at KFC for not deep frying me. I really did think I was a chicken.” The doctors told Terry his episode was caused by stress.

On returning to work, Terry was introduced to the UK’s leading business cost comparison website. Where he was able to connect with business finance suppliers. Who helped arrange small business loans and affordable business finance. This allowed Terry to balance the books. The good news for Terry is that his boardroom meeting, are now much shorter. The sleeping pods have been removed and replaced with tanning booths.

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