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Cloud Computing Expanding in the UK

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Microsoft claim that the United Kingdom is a ‘global leader’ in terms of cloud computing, with an estimated 84 percent of British businesses opting to store vital data in the cloud. As a nation, we’re choosing cloud computing over in-house storage due to the many advantages it brings for business:

  • Reduced need for dedicated, on-site staff to adequately manage server performance
  • Minimised business overheads due to reduced need for specific equipment or environment
  • Improved safety of important data enabling for business contingency when needed
  • Fast access to vital data from the office, the home, or during business travel
  • Quick, simple replication of data no longer present on the local network
  • Simple file sharing between employees, and between business and client sites
  • Improved capacity to allow for multiple users to access files simultaneously

However, despite the UK being a global leader in cloud computing, we’re trailing behind when it comes to data centres. According to reports, less than 5 percent of the world’s cloud computing data centres are located in the UK, putting us behind China, Japan, and the current world leader, the United States, which hosts a whopping 46 percent of the world’s cloud computing data centres. This, it appears, is causing a number of issues for UK-based businesses wishing to utilise cloud computing services.

Domestic Cloud Computing Data Centres on the Rise

Many UK businesses are already taking advantage of cloud computing, but there are a significant number of companies that are unable to do so. Healthcare and government sectors, for example, have been known to struggle to utilise cloud computing due to regulations in place that restrict ‘trade’ of personal information sourced in the European Union. Many organisations are limited in where they can share their information, with a number of restrictions stating that data must remain in the UK.

Microsoft, Google, and Amazon have all recently announced plans to expand their cloud computing data centres in the UK, enabling more British businesses to take advantage of the many benefits of cloud computing. Google’s cloud division is said to be the fastest growing area of the company currently, while Microsoft are planning on opening two new UK data centres this year, one in London and another in a regional location. This spells good news for UK-based businesses, with advantages of a domestic cloud computing data centre including lower latency and faster access to important data and information.,

To find out more about cloud computing data centres currently available in the UK, compare data centres online. It’s quick and easy to find a service that suits your needs, as well as your budget.

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