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Colocation is a data centre facility where a business can rent space from a provider to store servers and other computer hardware in an ultra-secure and managed space. But to a lot of business owners it can be a bit concerning moving their often expensive servers to an offsite data centre. However colocation shouldn’t be a concern because of the amount of protection in place from any reputable provider.There are numerous benefits in having colocation services, the main ones are:

  • Guaranteed performance – The guarantees will vary from provider to provider. Some will give you a guarantee of power and connectivity uptime, possibly with guidelines around temperature. Others will give a single guarantee covering power and connectivity availability, as well as latency, packet loss, temperature and humidity which are all vital for the storage of servers and IT equipment.
  • Secure Location – The Data Centre will employ rigorous security measures along with sophisticated security equipment to ensure all equipment is safe and secure. This eliminates the threat of theft associated with equipment at your own premises.
  • Resilient Connectivity – Customer racks are fed with connectivity which will connect straight into the providers core network.
  • Lower Cost – By moving to colocation services you eliminate the management and up keep costs associated with having in house servers and equipment, as well as not needing a disaster recovery plan for a storm or power cut which could lose vital information from your company if servers are effected.

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