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Could a Coworking Space Work For You?

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Coworking spaces are becoming a hot trend for small businesses and new start ups, and reports suggest that there has been an 83 percent increase in coworking spaces in the UK since 2013. Coworking spaces are different from traditional office space for rent, or serviced offices, offering independent working in a shared environment that can help businesses cut costs and improve reputation.

Why Coworking Spaces Work

While serviced offices and traditional office space for rent can still prove to be very beneficial for businesses,coworking spaces work so well because they base their success around modern business practices. 35 percent of small businesses use VOIP as their primary form of communication, while three quarters of all UK businesses have currently use at least one cloud computing product. For many modern companies, business can be conducted from anywhere, at any time, and this is why coworking spaces are becoming such attractive options, particularly for freelancers and SMEs.

The concept of the coworking space is still relatively new in the UK, so it’s no wonder some businesses are unsure about whether this type of system could work for them. If you’re going back and forth in the your mind between a coworking space and a traditional office for rent, consider this:

  • 71 percent of businesses report increased productivity in coworking spaces.
  • 61 percent of businesses report an overall improvement in the standard of work.
  • 68% of employees claim they’re able to focus better in a coworking space.
  • 90% of employees claim they’re much more confident in their abilities.
  • 70 percent of employees feel much healthier than they did in regular offices.

Consider a Coworking Space if…

  • You’re a freelancer or you work from home and need a more professional environment to work in with fewer distractions.
  • You work from home and require a quiet, professional space to meet with potential clients and discuss future projects.
  • You’re a growing SME and aim to provide flexible working arrangements for your employees, allowing them to work from alternative locations.
  • You’re looking to cut costs by selecting small serviced offices with minimal desk space, but still require a safe and inspiring place for employees to work.
  • Your business relies heavily on web-based communications such as VOIP, enabling easy off-site working.

Finding a Suitable Coworking Space

The good news for businesses is that reports show that 60 percent of current coworking space providers are planning to extend their portfolio within the next few years to meet demand, meaning that businesses should find they have plenty of choice when it comes to finding the perfect office. Businesses can locate coworking spaces and identify vacancies and availability by comparing office rent online at, making it easier than ever before to secure a great deal.