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Could YOU Run Your Company from Business Mobiles?

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It’s no secret that the way we work is changing. We’re no longer a nation of 9-5ers, we’re no longer confined to our desks for 8 hours per day, and we’re constantly looking for new, fresh ways to increase productivity and ensure ongoing job satisfaction. It’s estimated that more than 14 million workers in the UK wantmore flexibility in the way they work, including variable hours, and the option to work from an alternative location, such as their home, a local coffee house, or a nearby coworking facility, for example.

There are, of course, many recorded benefits to this added flexibility, with some claiming that time away from the desk can not only help to reduce stress but actually boost creativity, too. But how much time away is too much time away? Is there even such a thing? Could you successfully run your company from business mobiles alone? According to some – yes! But what do you need in order to truly succeed?

Here are a few of the tools you’ll need to successfully operate and develop your business, all from your business mobiles or tablet PCs, without the need to be confined to your desk all day, every day:

Business Mobiles

Business mobiles, or tablet PCs, are, of course, the most important tool for running your business through mobile. There are currently many providers of business mobiles in the UK, and it’s important to ensure that you select a handset, a contract, and a provider that all meet your business’s needs. While requirements will vary by business, those who travel regularly should look for contracts that include international calls and texts, and a fast, reliable 4G data connection is often essential when on-the-go.

Basic Apps

Think about the most common tasks and duties that need to be completed or undertaken on a day-to-day basis within your company. Internal and external communications? There’s apps like Skype. Document creation and editing? How about Google Drive? Note-taking? Try Evernote. File storage? Dropbox is hugely popular. For basic, day-to-day tasks, many companies should find that there’s very little – if anything – that can be done on a PC that cannot be done on business mobiles or tablets.

Advanced Apps

But of course, not every aspect of running a business is considered ‘basic’, but there are a number of advanced apps that make it possible to complete even the most complex of duties without the need for a desktop PC. In fact, it’s reported that around 73 percent of businesses make use of apps such as these for successful operations from business mobiles. Today, there are many apps designed to cover everything from human resources to accounts management, CRM to sales, and everything in between!