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Could Your Business Successfully Downsize?

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Could Your Business Successfully Downsize?

When we think about office space for rent, one of the first things that comes to mind is space. As a business develops, we want to ensure that it has the necessary room it needs to grow. However, you may be surprised by how little space you actually require to operate a thriving, successful business.

It’s no secret that the costs of office space to rent in the UK is continually rising, and this is making it more challenging for smaller businesses in particular to find an office that ticks all the boxes. But remember – size isn’t everything. In fact, even some of the biggest companies are starting to downsize.

London-based law firm Ince & Co have recently announced that they will be moving into a 35,000 square foot office in Aldgate Tower next year, leaving their much larger 64,000 square foot offices behind. Despite this, the company will be retaining all staff. They are hoping to utilise space more efficiently.

Here’s some of the best ways to make the most out of smaller spaces if you’re finding it difficult to find an affordable office space for rent that meets your current and future space requirements:

    Shared Workstations – Office Snapshots reports that Alcatel-Lucent has just 250 desks for 450 employees, while Credit Suisse has 2000 workstations for 2500 workers. Shared workstations not only help to save on space, but also encourage more instances of face-to-face collaboration.
    Multi Use Offices – There’s no point having a dedicated meeting room if meetings are only held once every few days. Rather than having a ‘meeting room’, perhaps open it up to other work-related tasks and events, such as a collaboration, quiet thinking, or a staff break room.
    Centralised Resources – Different teams will require different resources – IT, for example, may require cables and spare equipment, while designers may require art tools and printers. Consider saving space by having a centralised area for resources, rather than scattered around.
    Virtual Data Centre – If you’re tired of trying to find places to safely and securely store paper information, why not consider cloud computing? Not only can storing data in the cloud, rather than on paper, save space, but you can also save costs by reducing the need for hardware.

As big companies such as Ince & Co are showing, downsizing doesn’t have to mean taking a step back. In fact, opting for a smaller office, and using space more efficiently, can be seen as the most responsible and sensible solution in many cases. If you’re looking for a new office, complete the simple online form at today. We’ll help you find an office space for rent that meets all your needs!

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