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Coworking Space

Coworking space gives you all the benefits of a large office but with a much lower cost in an open place environment, alongside other businesses and professionals. If you become a coworking space tenants you will have dedicated desks in a secure communal area, shared by a number of different individual workers or organisations, depending on the coworking space you choose.

Key benefits of coworking space:

  • Furnished and pre-cabled offices
  • Cost effective – only pay for the space you need
  • Occupy as little as one desk
  • Contracts available from one month
  • Move in on the day you sign
  • Flexibility to expand or contract
  • Sociable and collaborative environment

Flexible and cost effective

Since you only pay for the space you need – which could be as little as one desk – coworking space can be a simple and cost effective option and tends to be particularly popular with start-ups and small businesses. But it can also be good for a larger business that tends to have more of its staff field based.

Coworking space also supports flexible working – so if you don’t need a desk or office every day of the week, you can pay to use the space at a time that suits you, from one day a week to full time.

A collaborative environment

Coworking space occupiers pride themselves on their sense of community; providing a social environment where individuals can work independently, but alongside like-minded individuals. A shared space can offer plenty of opportunities to network, collaborate and share ideas. It’s also a great place to make friends if you are a small operation.

Coworking space is great for start-up companies and creative freelancers, due to their affordability and sociable environment.

If you are considering renting a coworking space then use our instant online tool. We can compare properties across the UK and internationally.