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Coworking Spaces: Could They Help Launch the ‘Next Big Thing’?

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Coworking Spaces: Could They Help Launch the ‘Next Big Thing’?

As we already know, demand for coworking spaces is rapidly rising all across the UK as companies of all sizes seek out more flexible options. But what exactly is it that’s making coworking spaces such an attractive alternative to a more traditional office block? Well, it all comes down to collaboration.

According to a recent study, between 60 and 65 percent of workers questioned cited the ability to collaborate and network with likeminded individuals, both from their own sector and from neighbouring industries, as one of the main reasons why they’d prefer to work from a modern coworking space. Coworking spaces are providing workers with a unique opportunity to inspire, and be inspired by, a whole host of creative, technical, and skilled individuals who they may not have encountered otherwise.

So why is proximity, networking, and collaboration so important in terms of business development? Well, here’s a brief look at some of the biggest brands that were formed by chance meetings:

  • Property rental website Airbnb was formed when Joe Gebbia and Brian Chesky rented a room of their San Francisco home to Nathan Blecharczyk in order to pay the bills. The rest in history.
  • Microsoft founders Bill Gates and Paul Allen met while attending school in Seattle, where they bonded over their shared interest in computers and technology, despite being a few years apart.
  • Closer to home, a chance meeting at Dublin’s F.ounders conference made Allen Grant and Matt Mickiewicz into close friends. Together, they launched recruitment website

What this suggests is that there’s really no limit as to what coworking spaces have the potential to bring out in people. In fact, coworking spaces could play a major role in the development of the UK’s ‘next big thing’, bringing together those who share similar interests, passions, skills, and work ethic.

As the benefits of coworking – such as collaboration – are becoming increasingly apparent, demand has been rapidly rising and we’re starting to see an influx of coworking spaces being launched across the country – particularly in up-and-coming creative ‘clusters’ around London and regional cities – in an attempt to meet this demand and provide suitable working environments for budding entrepreneurs. Last year, it was estimated that there were around 8000 coworking spaces all around the world!

We know that trawling through hundreds of potential coworking spaces to identify the best environment for you would be boring and time consuming, which is why we’ve launched our quick and easy coworking space comparison tool, giving you access to great spaces, and great rates, in a jiffy!

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