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#CYBCSmiles & #CYBCChallenge

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You may have seen our hash-tags on social media, or you may have received a gift with the hash-tag on the envelope and be wondering what it was all about. So we thought it was only right to explain what they mean and why we do them.

If you have had a chance to look into our company or meet any of us you will probably already know we are all about giving back and genuinely want to make the world a better place to live for everyone. From our earliest days when four of us were sitting in a small back room the first thing you see in our office is a poster that says “Think Happy, Be Happy” and we have stuck with that philosophy.

However from working in big corporate companies we understand how easy it can be to start feeling unappreciated and end up stuck in a rut where you focus on negative things. Unsurprisingly when you focus on the bad you tend to notice more bad things happening and it can be a vicious and destructive circle to escape from. Although we can’t change your life or job for you we can try to help you see things from a brighter perspective. To help us do this we invented three campaigns:

#CYBCSmiles – This is where we give to you – out of the blue (or orange!) with the pure intention of making you smile. You will notice an envelope near your car or outside your door and inside will be a gift or directions to a gift with a small note from us. It can vary from a chocolate bar, to a free lunch, to tickets to a show to a scratch card! The possibilities are endless!

#CYBCChallenge – This is where you give to others – we set challenges via social media, our newsletters or by popping you an old fashioned letter in the post (Yes that still exists!) encouraging you to give back to either your friends, family, community or the whole world if you really feel like a super hero.

#CYBCVIP – This is where we take nominations for a truly deserving member of public – this could be someone who lives to help others or someone who has changed things for the better. We then work with the nominees to surprise this person with a day of VIP treatment or a special VIP gift. If you know anyone who deserves to be spoilt simply let us know why and we will be happy to consider them!

We also support a tonne of charities and are always keen to hear from people who have ideas for us to volunteer or charities they feel we should support so feel free to get in touch. Watch this space and our social media for pictures and updates!


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