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How Reliable is Your Business Internet Connection?

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How Reliable is Your Business Internet Connection?

Have you got a good, reliable business internet connection at the office? Many businesses may say ‘yes!’, but is this really true? Shocking reports suggest that nearly half of all managers across the UK are completely unaware of how much downtime their business experiences, which is having a significant impact upon productivity. 47 percent of managers claim that their business internet service rarely fails, when research shows that the average company actually experiences around 45 minutes of downtime each and every week, with outages usually lasting anywhere from 15 minutes to one hour.

The problem, it appears, is that many managers fail to regularly review their business internet service. 17 percent of managers claim that they only review their business internet when their contract is due for renewal, while an additional 17 percent claim to only review their business internet when their employees make complaints relating to broadband speed, connectivity, or availability. It seems that business internet outages have become a ‘dirty secret’ amongst employees, who use this downtime as:

  • an opportunity for an extra coffee break
  • a chance to use their smartphones to check Facebook
  • free time to search for a new job
  • an opportunity for an online shopping spree via smartphone

Perhaps unsurprisingly, less than one third of employees report spending downtime doing business-related tasks such as reading, planning, checking in with colleagues or contacting clients.

Addressing Downtime

Managers are being reminded that business internet isn’t something that can be installed and then simply forgotten about. While business internet isn’t exactly ‘high maintenance’, it is important monitor the situation regularly to ensure you’re not paying for a service you’re not receiving, and to ensure that outages don’t become a frequent enough event that office productivity takes a significant hit.

So what should you do if you find that your business internet service isn’t quite as good as you thought it was? The first question to ask yourself is ‘why?’. A common issue we’re seeing in such a competitive industry is for businesses to look at price and nothing else. Cheap deals may seem like the most attractive option, but you may not receive the best business internet service if you look at price alone. That’s why it’s so important for businesses to compare their options to find a suitable supplier. The second question to ask is ‘how can improve my business internet service?’. The answer is simple – use’s online comparison tool to find a service that better fits your company’s needs and requirements. Reliable business internet is essential – don’t settle for less.

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