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Do You Need Specialist Business Insurance?

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Do You Need Specialist Business Insurance?

From public liability insurance to professional indemnity insurance, there is a wide range of business insurance products out there to help give UK businesses both financial and reputational protection should an accident or incident occur which could have an impact upon day-to-day operations.

However, at Compare Your Business Costs, we understand that businesses can’t always be grouped together, and that each company that we work with is unique. Some businesses may have more complex requirements and their needs may not always be met through standard insurance products, which is why we offer our clients the opportunity to compare specialised business insurance from some of the UK’s top business insurance providers, helping to ensure that they’re fully protected against industry risks.

We’ve worked with a number of high risk businesses, and those businesses operating within niche industries, to improve access to specialised business insurance products that provide adequate protection against risks not normally covered by standard business insurance policies.

These specialised business insurance products include:

  • Director’s and Officer’s Liability
  • Commercial Property Cover
  • Motor Fleet Insurance
  • Risk Management Protection

At Compare Your Business Costs, we work with businesses within multiple industries and sectors who have individual, unique, and specialist requirements that need to be addressed through specialist business insurance.

Some industries that may have more complex business insurance needs include:

  • Charities, Trusts, and Not-For-Profit Organisations
  • Social Welfare
  • Medical Device and Equipment Manufacturing/Supply
  • Audio Visual and Theatre
  • Energy Contractors
  • Freelance Agents and Contractors
  • Why Choose Specialist Business Insurance?

    There’s a common misconception amongst many businesses that business insurance is merely a way for insurance providers to take your money, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. While we are fortunate that the number of business insurance claims that are being made is steadily dropping, it’s essential that businesses are prepared – and protected – should an accident, injury, or disaster occur.

    By selecting a business insurance policy that doesn’t fully meet your needs, you may find that you are not provided with the necessary assistance required to reestablish your business following an incident or disaster. For high risk businesses, or those working within a niche industry, choosing specialist business insurance is essential to ensure that your needs are covered for the most common risks in your industry.

    The good news is that specialist business insurance doesn’t have to be costly, especially when you compare policies from different providers, finding coverage and rates that perfectly suit your business.