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Energy Efficient Tips for Photocopiers

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Energy Efficient Tips for Photocopiers

The notion of the ‘paperless office’ has been gaining more and more traction in recent years, but is it really achievable? Many say that while it’s possible to significantly reduce paper use in the office by switching to the digital storage and sharing of information, it’s not realistic in achieve a completely paperless office. In fact, only 1 percent of businesses in the European Union have gone paperless, as many companies rely upon the use of paper for many business functions, including record keeping, printing, and photocopying. However, for those businesses looking to ‘go green’, it’s not necessary to go entirely paperless. Here are some excellent energy efficient tips for using your photocopiers to minimise costs, reduce energy usage, save on your business energy bills, and become much more eco friendly:

  • Remember to switch photocopiers off at the wall before locking up the office for the night. According to the Carbon Trust, photocopiers that are left on standby overnight use enough energy to make a whopping 30 cups of tea or coffee!
  • Consider purchasing photocopiers with timer options that automatically switch the appliance off after completing a job, or that turns the appliance off during non-peak hours, such as over lunch. Compare photocopiers online to find equipment with this functionality.
  • If possible, work to determine a weekly or monthly print quota to minimise energy usage and keep your costs down. Some photocopiers have print quota functionality which inform users of the remaining page count for the period.
  • If you have older photocopiers in your office, it may be time to switch out to a newer model. According to Xerox, some older models can use more than 425 Watts, compared to newer, more energy efficient models that can use as little as 220 Watts.
  • If you have older photocopiers, you may also be interested in upgrading to a ‘multifunction’ appliance that combines printing, scanning, faxing, and photocopying which can significantly reduce energy use within the office.
  • Where possible, always select the ‘duplex’ printing option to enable photocopiers to print on both sides of a sheet of paper. This is one of the easiest ways to reduce paper use in the office, helping you to become more environmentally friendly.
  • If you operate within a busy, on-the-go office with a large workforce, consider photocopiers that require a security pin to be entered before printing. This is a great way to minimise unclaimed print jobs in the office.

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