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Ethernet First Mile (EFM).

Ethernet first mile – commonly referred to as EFM is a service that I often like to think of as the step below a leased line but above standard broadband. EFM gives you a reliable high-speed business internet service. But unlike standard leased lines, EFM’s use existing copper lines (instead of fibre) to connect you to your exchange. This means it’s cheaper and quicker to install than a standard leased line.EFM’s will give you symmetrical up and download speeds and often come with the same service perks as full fibre leased lines.That means the provider will guarantee your “uptime” when using EFM, most will even start paying you money back if the service does go down.

An EFM won’t have the same scalability as a leased line so it’s not always great for fast growing businesses but it is a good start for any company who needs a reliable and dedicated connection. The stability offered with an EFM is vital for businesses that rely on the internet and can’t be replicated by broadband services.

EFM’s can give you up to 35Mbps depending on your location, the speeds available do degrade over distance so if you are too far away from the exchange an EFM might not be available to you. It’s easy to do a check and find out which you can do by using a number of tools online – just type in EFM availability checker on any search engine and you can quickly determine if EFM is available and what speeds you are likely to get.

Prices usually start from around £200 per month so if you want to get a free quote use our online tool now.