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Ethernet over Fibre to the Cabinet

Ethernet over Fibre to the Cabinet, or EOFTTC, is a brand new leased line technology, being deemed by most providers as ‘entry level Ethernet’. This now allows businesses to take advantage of guaranteed, symmetrical speeds up to 20Mb and download speeds upto 80Mb.Prices start from just £150 per calendar month and can be installed within just 15 working days.EOFTTC is available to 2/3’s of all business premises and come with full Service Level Agreements, or SLA’s- similar to a leased line.

Also similar to leased line technology, EOFTTC is ideal for businesses that have critical online capabilities. This includes cloud applications, Colocation facilities, VoIP/hosted telephony & SIP, Video Conferencing and much more.

EOFTTC comes with proactive monitoring- which means the ISP will pick up on any faults on your circuit before you’ve even noticed yourself! The ISP, or internet provider, is then committed to fix the fault usually within 8 hours. If this target is not met, you will start getting money back in the form of credits off your next bill.

If you are looking at a few sites, EOFTTC can be integrated into a WAN (i.e. a MPLS or VPLS network) as simply as integrating a leased line. Simply run a comparison on one site using our leased line tool and discuss the further options with the best suited provider today. Alternatively you can submit an enquiry and we’ll do the hard work for you on our WAN section here.