FAQ'S | Compare Business Costs Online Today


Q. Who do I contact if I have a question regarding a quote?

A. As we have a number of different services and partners on our site it all depends on what you are getting quoted for. Please refer to our Contacts Page for more help.

Q. Once I buy a product/service what level of support can I expect?

A. Again this will depend on what service you have bought, e.g business insurance probably won’t require much contact between you and the provider once you have all the policy documents etc. Should you need support it would come directly from the provider.

Q. How do we make money?

A. We have arrangements in place with the partners listed on our site. Our main income comes from when a customer successfully applies for a policy  or product via compareyourbusinesscosts.com and goes on to purchase it from the provider.

We do however have other forms of revenue like advertising on our website.