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How My Local Council Gave Me Fast Broadband

Brendan Mann

Is your business broadband connection under 2Mbps?

My old business broadband speeds rarely got above 1.5Mbps, It was a real problem for me and my business. Productivity was low and service delivery was problematic. Unfortunately for me, fast broadband was the lifeblood of my business. And I did not have access to it. I was using my mobile provider’s 4G network. This was a good solution, but I needed more.

With the roll-out of ultra-fast fiber optic broadband 18 months away in my area. I was lucky to stumble on a research paper. That changed my business and opened the door to fast business broadband. The UK government has made a commitment to providing every home and business in the UK with access to fast and reliable broadband. There are a number of roll-out schemes involving fiber-optic broadband. The best way to find out if you have access to fast fiber-optic broadband. Is to click the link below.

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If your area is not covered by a fiber optic network, the first thing you need to do.Is perform a series of broadband speed tests. You can perform a speed test HERE. If your business broadband speeds are consistently below 2Mbps. There is help available from your local authority.

“The Better Broadband Sustainability Scheme” has been established to help businesses with no access to fast broadband. The scheme will provide access to a satellite-based broadband network. Capable of delivering fast internet to your business. To be eligible, you need to demonstrate that your business broadband speeds are consistently below 2Mbps. If this is the case and your business is in an area that will not have access to fiber optic internet for at least 6 months. You will be eligible for subsidized, fast satellite broadband.

The financial help you will receive. Covers the cost of installation and any additional equipment you will need. After the installation, you are responsible for your own data costs. The satellite broadband packages on offer can deliver speeds of 10Mbps. As a solution the technology is strong. Satellite broadband is used all over the world. For more information on this government-backed scheme CLICK HERE

Another solution and one that is widely used. Is to make use of a mobile telecommunications network. Using 4G technology, you can get very good internet speeds. Through simply replacing standard broadband routers with smartphones connected to a 4G network. This is also a very strong solution. That can also provide other business benefits. The best way to find out about 4G internet is to click the link below.

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