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Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC)

Fibre to the cabinet, otherwise known as FTTC, is a type of broadband used by many small businesses in the UK. It has grown in popularity in recent years due to the increased availability throughout Great Britain. FTTC uses fibre optic cabling and technology to deliver faster broadband speeds than the traditional copper alternative.You probably hear the terms fibre broadband or super-fast broadband a fair bit. FTTC is usually what these terms refer to and the main reason so many people want to switch from the ADSL broadband is the better speeds you can get with FTTC.

Up until recent years this has always been via copper cables, which degrade over distance. So if you start off with say 20Mbps at the exchange but you are quite far away you may only get 1Mbps by the time it reaches you. Over the years with the increasing use of the internet in most businesses day to day functions this has caused issues for many companies that are located further away from the exchange.

So fibre broadband (FTTC) was developed where the cables from the exchange to cabinet (those green boxes you see on the street) were swapped from copper to fibre. The reason this makes such an impact is because fibre doesn’t degrade over distance so the speed at the exchange will be the same at the cabinet. With FTTC the cables from the cabinet to your address would still be copper so the provider may advertise speeds of up to 76Mbps but if you are far away you may still only receive 2Mps. This is why many businesses will look at a full fibre internet service which is where the fibre is dedicated all the way to your address so you get guaranteed speeds and they are symmetrical upload and download speeds unlike broadband services.

FTTC is not available in every area in the UK yet so you can search for a FTTC checker to see if its available for you, we like Samknows tool but there are loads to choose from so feel free to check a few.

If FTTC is available to you, or you already use it and want to see if you can get a cheaper deal by switching providers use our tool to get your free quote today.