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What is a Franking Machine?

A franking machine is a method of paying for and stamping outgoing post without needing to visit a Post Office or arrange for a courier collection. They are designed to make it easier – and more cost effective – for businesses to communicate with both UK and international customers, clients, suppliers, and investors by mail. Many also claim that franking machines do a lot more for their business, too.

A common question that’s asked about franking machines is ‘isn’t snail mail dead?’. Well, the answer may surprise you! A report by franking machine company Pitney Bowes shows that around 20 percent of UK businesses still send more than half of their external communications by post, with less being sent via digital channels. They report that around 56 percent of UK businesses now use a franking machine.

Another very common question business want answered is why they should be using a franking machine, rather than making a quick trip to a post office. Each business will, of course, find their own unique benefits to using a franking machines, although there are 4 main advantages that are typically seen across the board, regardless of industry or sector. Here’s what a franking machine can do for you:

  • Postage

    Franking machines make it quicker, simpler, and more cost effective to send mail. They also offer the same options as a post office, including special delivery options for sending.

  • Cost

    Franking machine customers pay a lower postage rate than they would for a stamp. Even with the rising cost of sending post, franking machine rates increase at a slower rate.

  • Marketing

    Franking machines often allow for customisable content to be added to envelopes, making it easier for businesses to market and promote their brand and boost brand awareness.

  • Resources

    Franking machines can help to free up internal resources for greater office productivity by removing the need for trips to the Post Office during standard working hours.

Whether you’re looking for improved office efficiency, reduced costs, or are wanting to explore new promotional avenues, any business that regularly sends mail should consider a franking machine. Machines are typically rented from a reputable supplier, and any postage costs and materials are then the responsibility of the business. The rental company may provide regular, ongoing maintenance.

At compareyourbusinesscosts, we’re dedicated to making it easier for UK businesses to access essential business services that can help them to grow and develop. If you’re looking for your first office franking machine, or want to upgrade your existing machine, we’ll help you find the best rental rates by comparing the best franking machine suppliers in the country. Fill out our online form today!

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Can My Business Save Money with a Franking Machine?

One of the primary benefits of a franking machine is that businesses can save money on any ‘snail mail’ communications that they send out – whether that’s to employee home addresses, to clients or customers, to investors, to suppliers, to anyone. However, what many businesses want to know is how much they can save, and whether the savings will offset the rental cost and any postage materials.

One thing that it’s important for all businesses to understand is that the cost of franking a piece of mail will always be less expensive than buying a stamp and sending the mail from a Post Office. While the cost of franking does rise as the cost of stamps increase, this rise is usually at a much slower rate. Based on stamp and franking prices in 2015, businesses can expect to see the following savings per item:

  • 1st Class Letters

    52 pence compared to 63 pence. Saving = 11 pence.

  • 2nd Class Letters

    39 pence compared to 54 pence. Saving = 15 pence.

  • 1st Class Small Parcels

    £3.00 compared to £3.30. Saving = 30 pence.

  • 2nd Class Small Parcels

    £2.50 compared to £2.80. Saving = 30 pence.

  • Special Delivery

    £6.20 compared to £6.45. Saving = 25 pence.

Businesses can also save when sending mail internationally, with savings of between 10 pence and 22 pence depending on destination and service chosen. While these individual savings do not seem to be much by themselves, the costs can add up to significant savings. A 1000 letter direct mailing campaign, for example, posted first class, would bring savings of £110 (and no need to make a trip to the PO!).

A common concern, particularly among smaller businesses and startup enterprises, is that they do not send enough post to see the benefits of a franking machine in relation to cost. This is, of course, a growing concern in the digital age when more communications are typically sent by email. However, with a low volume machine with an affordable rental rate, franking machine manufacturer Neopost estimate that a business would only need to send 8 letters per day to take advantage of the savings.

UK businesses can find a franking machine that meets their needs at By using the handy online comparison tool, businesses can find suitable franking machines with all the features they’re looking for, and at an affordable rental rate. So whether you only send a few pieces of mail per day, or communicate primarily by post, a franking machine is a great way to save money.