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How Can a Franking Machine Benefit my Business?

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How Can a Franking Machine Benefit my Business?

Many businesses know about the primary advantage of franking machines – lower postage costs when compared to using stamps or Royal Mail collections – but what most don’t realise is that franking machines actually offer much more than mere postage. Believe it or not, franking machines can have a massive impact upon business operations, even for those companies with relatively low mailing needs.

Here are just a few of the more unexpected ways that franking machines can help a business:

  • Marketing & Brand Promotion

    Franking machines are actually a 2-in-1 technology, focusing on both communications and brand promotion. Franking labels can be printed with your company name, logo, or motto, company news, awards, or products, or any form of marketing or promotional information that you feel would be advantageous. Branded mailings can be especially beneficial for start up businesses who are striving to build a solid reputation for themselves both within the local community and on a nationwide basis. Many franking machines have numerous built-in memory slots, so that the nature of the message can be quickly and easily changed depending upon the individual recipient and the nature of the mailing.

  • Convenience & Efficiency

    If you’re an SME or recent start up striving to grow and develop your business, you may be looking into direct mailing campaigns that are very effective at getting the word out about your products and services. These campaigns can have great success rates, but they do come with a downside – they drain your internal resources. Sending post to hundreds or thousands of potential clients means your staff taking time out of their productive tasks to stuff, seal, and stamp envelopes. Couldn’t their time be put to better use? Franking machines are much more clever than we often give them credit for. Some of the more advanced models feature semi-automatic feed trays, and will even moisten and seal envelopes!

  • Peace of Mind

    For businesses that regularly send products to customers via post – retail stores, for example – it’s important that you do everything you can to give yourself complete peace of mind. Unfortunately, it’s not unheard of for parcels to get lost in the post, meaning your customers may have a bad buying experience. Internet-enabled franking machines can confirm that a parcel has been sent and provide a digital certificate of postage, much like the ‘proof of postage’ certificate available from the Post Office. It can also track the parcel, and provide access to the recipient’s signature once delivered. All of these reports will be available to you via the franking machine, if you choose an advanced model.

As we can see, even businesses with low postage needs can benefit from a franking machine. If you send anything by post, then your business should be able to enjoy the numerous benefits that a machine brings. At compareyourbusinesscosts, we’ll help you find a franking machine that perfectly matches your needs, and we’ll locate the best rental rates from the best providers in the UK. Give us a try today!

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